Aaron Rodgers Danica Patrick
We knew Aaron Rodgers hated his family but we thought he loved Danica Patrick. Love is dead. The two have broken up. (Michael Buckner/Shutterstock Images)

Aaron Rodgers might hate his family but we thought he loved Danica Patrick. Love appears to be dead. Aaron Rodgers and Danica have officially broken up. Not only that, it appears Rodgers has moved on fast too! Rumors are flying that Rodgers is moving in on Shailene Woodley that has apparently been in the works for a while.

E News was the first to report the news:

Danica’s rep confirms to E! News that she and the Packers star are “no longer together.”

Rumors of Danica and Aaron’s breakup began to swirl last weekend, when fans of the couple noticed that the former professional driver was not present to support her boo at the American Century Championship… 

And upon further investigation, it seems the star is no longer following her beau on Instagram and deleted a few posts with the athlete on her feed, as well, with the last post featuring Aaron being from April 11. 

A brief search of Rodgers’ Instagram shows that he still follows her

It’s sad that we live in a world where unfollowing someone on Instagram means the end of a relationship. It’s so annoying that people actually take screenshots to notice that but I guess that’s never going to change.

I truthfully didn’t see this coming. Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick have dated for two years which somehow felt like 5 years. Apparently, Rodgers traded in Danica for a younger girlfriend.

This comes to us via our tip box. “It seemed like Aaron had found his perfect partner in Danica Patrick. Danica had no idea when she introduced actress Shailene Woodley to Aaron that Shailene would make a play for him. Shailene and Aaron were quite cozy this past weekend in Tahoe. Looks like Aaron traded to a much younger girlfriend. Danica is devastated by Aarons betrayal. Get your popcorn out, this one is going to get messy!” -Terez Owens

Woodley, 28, has appeared in Snowden, the Divergent series, among other projects. Let us know what you think. Did Rodgers make a mistake here? Right now, the only love that is real in Rodgers’ life is the relationship he has with Davante Adams.