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Minister Without A Brain

(Darron Cummings/Associated Press)

A Minister Without A Brain Doesn’t Understand What A Running Back Is

Minister Without A Brain
A Minister Without A Brain doesn’t understand what a running back Is. I figured I would use this picture. Here’s Tony Pollard working out at the combine as a running back. (Darron Cummings/Associated Press)

When I woke up this morning, I truly couldn’t stop laughing at my Tony Pollard post. I read it 1,000 times. It may go down as the funniest thing to happen with the site on the year. I didn’t think anything else would come of it. That’s when things changed. Some fraud minister decided to challenge the king. Like Karlos, this loser swung and missed 1,000 times.

This loser thought he was tough. Like so many that have come before him, he was about to be sorry that he ever commented on my post. I truly think he should change his name to the minister without a brain. Here are some of the highlights of Mr. Minister being dragged through the mud like the little pathetic bitch that he is.

I’m concerned Mr. Minister is on crack. I put this man in such a pretzel that he didn’t have a clue what was going on. At one point he waved the white flag and said he was “done”. That could only mean that he had enough. He knew he lost. He was like Hitler during the latter stages of World World II. Alone, depressed, and defeated. Hopefully, Mr. Minster doesn’t do what Hitler did. I’m truly worried about his well being. There’s something wrong with this guy. What transpired after that is truly remarkable.

I thought Mr. Minister was “done”. After a break to regather his thoughts after being put in a pretzel, Ian fired back. His second attempt probably went worse than his first.

After hours of being humiliated, Mr. Minister had one final comeback.

Finally, (I think) Mr. Minister agreed with me. He knew he just spent hours looking like a total fool. His brain has been put in such a pretzel that he agreed with me that he doesn’t have a brain. If you needed any more evidence that this guy is one of the bigger dopes on the internet, here you go.

Here’s the funniest part: Mr. Minister (confirmed now that doesn’t have a brain) actually writes for a couple of sites. & I have a question for the owners of those sites. How can you employ a person that doesn’t have a clue what a running back is? Mr. Minister without a brain doesn’t know what a running back is. @soon_boom on Twitter joined in and also put him in a body bad. My Sooner friend was more of a voice of reason. Somehow I found a person that wasn’t on crazy pills.

It doesn’t take a smart individual to realize that the term “RB” was used a lot. Pollard was very clearly a running back. He was the 3rd string running back at Memphis. The depth chart says so. His overall workload also suggests that Pollard was more of a runner. Pollard was drafted by Dallas as a running back. I provided 800 examples. Mr. Minister without a brain had one big comeback. He watched a lot of games! Like Karlos, I’m not sure he knows that Memphis is located in the State of Tennessee. I think he might have been watching a different game.

There were a bunch of morons that jumped in on this topic. Most wrong and proven wrong numerous times. It’s crazy how many stupid people roam the internet. After hours of looking like a total imbecile, Mr. Minister without a brain couldn’t figure out what a running back is. I’m concerned about his well being. I’m afraid he’s a man that can’t be helped. Send Mr. Minister without a brain (make sure to tell him how stupid he is @Ian_A_Boyd) a lot of prayers. He needs them.

SIDE NOTE: I think I might hire my Sooner friend to write for the site. He was a voice of reason. This guy at least had a brain and knew something.

SIDE NOTE: Who knew people got this worked up over Tony Pollard? Crazy to think this whole thing started over a simple Tweet about how Pollard can’t replace Ezekiel Elliott who is the best running back in football. Now that makes sense, right? A third string running back can’t replace the best running back in football. Apparently, that set people off.

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