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2023 NFL Scouting Combine: Defensive Line Notes

2023 NFL Scouting Combine
Defensive line notes for the 2023 NFL Scouting combine are ready and hot out of the oven. Check out all of the notes you need to know. (MICHAEL CONROY / AP PHOTO)

2023 NFL Scouting Combine: Defensive Line Notes

I hate intro paragraphs so why waste any time? The 2023 NFL Scouting Combine is here. Come get your defensive line notes. Let’s do it.

The Combine sets the stage for NFL betting odds. It’s never too early!

Just right off the top here, I couldn’t help but notice Keanu Benton and Bryan Bresee running the 40 back to back. One guy looked like a bad athlete and Bresee running next made him look worse. So let’s start with Benton.

Louis Riddick has a sore wrist from rubbing one out on Benton at the Senior Bowl. I truly didn’t see much so was really looking forward to the combine for this one. Thought he looked slow and too upright in the 40 (5.08). Not a good first step either. 1.79 10 yard time good for 9th in the class. Basically only ahead of the fat slugs.

Bag ability drill was on the bad side. Eyes down. Inconsistent movement. Doesn’t trust feet. Straight-legged on change of direction. Hands look good though. Seems to be his strength.

Bryan Bresee. Man… that was something. Aced the bag drill. Feet are moving. This is what the drill is supposed to look like. How about the hip sink in the ground and go? Whew, boy. Maybe Louis been stroking off the wrong guy? I’m in here. That’s all I know. Let me show you the clip. I love the way he’s sinking his hips. The spin move was real. His gear is just better than anyone else on the field.

That guy is just an athlete. We know about the monster recruit background. Looked damn good running the 40. Clocked in at (4.86). Hands were technically sound. Not just that. 1.71 10 yard time was the best minus the Pitt guy.

Jerrod Clark is just a fat blob. Wasn’t interested at the Senior Bowl. Actually doesn’t look bad in the hip pocket. Just no way he’s better than Dale who is the same guy except Bama quality. Hip turn not good.

Keondre Coburn. Was waiting for twitchy. Didn’t get it. The footwork on bag drills were bad. Stuck in mud. Really tight trying to go through the hoops. Dragging the feet. As Dale got better, he got worse as the day went on.

Don’t care what DJ Dale runs. Wasn’t fast but didn’t look like a slob running either. I think I know what I’m getting here. Had a few stumbles in the drills and don’t care. Rocked the bag drills, however. Got better as the day went on. Hands were good. Bit out of control but a problem going down hill. Good ankle flection. Run the hoop drill aced in. Going to do his job in the pocket.

Gervon Dexter. Moves well in space. Doesn’t get stuck in mud. A bit upright but overall good. Looks like a total lump of clay. No idea what to make of anything he does. Hand work terrible. Looks like he’s trying to imitate what it would look like if Chickster slapped me. Not in a good way while I laugh. Has athletic traits. Just don’t know if it matters.

Siaki Ika looked like he was trying to win a staring contest with the ground trying to run. Bad balance. Not good standing upright but that was expected. His eye level in all drills is horrendous. Was expecting better hand work during the bag but didn’t show power. Sloth moving around. Bet drill was the hoop drill but mostly because he could stare at the ground for this one.

Calijah Kancey clocked in with the fastest time for all the defensive linemen. I mean disgustingly good time (4.67). Only problem is we got no field work. Apparently, he’s saving all that for the combine as he nurses an injury.

PJ Mustipher. Thin base. Way too narrow. Bad knee bend and too upright. Don’t love what I saw in the knee department and more often than not it’s always the right indicator. In this case, not a good indicator. Totally fell over and ate in on the wave drill. He’s by far the worst guy in any movement drill. Is he trying to show how tall he is or is he trying to win the rep? I’m still not sure. Can’t sink his hips at all.

Moro Ojomo. Hey, not bad! Don’t know everything here but during the wave drill really did a nice job sinking his hips. Wasn’t perfect and maybe was a tad slow but not terrible. He was there.

Zacch Pickens looked damn good. Flashed at the Senior Bowl but nothing to the point where I was wowed. Today was another step in the right direction. Just looks like a guy you’re going to pick in the middle rounds and fill a need as a three technique. Fill a need as in do a damn good job doing it too. 1.74 10 yard time is definitely on the positive end and 5th best on the day. Tied with Redmond for the best broad jump.

Drills were good too. If you’re expecting wow you’re not going to get it but these were quality reps. Got from point A to point B and did it better than most of the group. The twitch isn’t there but the quality is. Easy mover.

The pure athletic traits aren’t going to blow you away. Run a more than quality time (4.89).

Jalen Redmond might be an underrated athlete. Clocked in at (4.81) and didn’t look like a blob trying to move. A little bit out of control but was moving and grooving. Doesn’t totally trust the feet but overall good. 1.71 10 yard time is really good. Quickness is there. Had the best vertical jump too at 34.5. Best broad jump too (9-8). Has some giddy up in the lower half.

Jaquelin Roy didn’t run. I always hate when fat guys don’t run and just do the drills instead. It creates unnecessary red flags. Immediate stumble on the first change of direction in the wave drill. Bad vibes. Spin move was gross in a bad way and then fell over getting to the next bag.

Nesta Jade Silvera. Bad strider. Short choppy steps but not getting anywhere. Too narrow and too upright. 800 small steps to get nowhere. Looks odd with the arm movement. Looks like he’s hold 20 pound dumbells on the side of his neck. Literally can’t turn at all.

Dante Sills. Son of former Ravens linebacker Gary Stills. Good player the dad was too. Not a star but someone that can make a roster. Trey remembers. Not sure the son is much different. Just a defensive lineman instead. Has a little of the stuck in quicksand mode but the knee bend is really good. Soft hands. The movement skills here are there.

Byron Young. No 40 but did get on field work. Guessing in drills. Too much heel clicking. Pass rushing weaving through the bags was really in control.

Cameron Young. Tight hips. Bad on turns. Not terrible feet. He was just there. SEC late round defensive lineman. I got it. Decent hands.

*Jalen Carter didn’t work out today. We knew that coming into the day prior to the pending charges. For me, nothing has changed on that front.

*Mazi Smith also did not work out.

Vendetta Sports 2023 NFL Draft Defensive Line Rankings After 2023 NFL Scouting Combine

1. Jalen Carter (Georgia)

2. Bryan Bresee (Clemson)

3. Mazi Smith (Michigan)

4. Calijah Kancey (Pittsburgh)

5. Zacch Pickens (South Carolina)

Close 6th DJ Dale (Alabama)


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