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2023 NFL Draft Grades: NFC West

2023 NFL Draft

(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson) Less

2023 NFL Draft
The final 2023 NFL Draft grades are in. How does the NFC West stack up this year? Read the post to find out! (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson) Less

2023 NFL Draft Grades: NFC West

It’s a wrap! The 2023 NFL Draft is over and the NFC West is our final batch of teams to review. Who won and lost the draft? That’s what we’re here to discuss. Let’s get right to it. Here are your 2023 NFL Draft grades for the NFC West!

Arizona Cardinals: A

Round 1: No. 6 overall — Paris Johnson Jr., OT, Ohio State
Round 2: No. 41 — BJ Ojulari, Edge, LSU
Round 3: No. 72 — Garrett Williams, CB, Syracuse
Round 3: No. 94 — Michael Wilson, WR, Stanford
Round 4: No. 122 — Joe Gaines II, OG, UCLA
Round 5: No. 139 — Clayton Tune, QB, Houston
Round 5: No. 168 — Owen Pappoe, LB, Auburn
Round 6: No. 180 — Kei’Trel Clark, CB, Louisville
Round 6: No. 213 — Dante Stills, DT, West Virginia

It’s hard to argue with the Cardinals’ approach here. I didn’t love everything that Arizona did but their fans should be happy with this outcome. Mostly because they were realistic with where they stand. This team isn’t going anywhere and they lived to fight another day while bringing in a good collection of players. What more could you ask for here?

Paris Johnson was also my number one rated tackle and will be a foundational piece for the future. BJ Ojulari is a solid pass rusher who should come in and contribute.

This might surprise you but I didn’t have any real issue with any picks the Cardinals made. Michael Wilson had a really intriguing Senior Bowl. I was high on both UCLA guards. Gaines is the better one. Owen Pappoe is really fast. Dante Stills has NFL bloodlines and I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns into a rotational piece along that defensive line. A job well done here for the red birds.

Los Angeles Rams: B

Round 2: No. 36: Steve Avila, G, TCU
Round 3: No. 77 (from Patriots through Dolphins) — Byron Young, DE, Tennessee
Round 3: No. 89 — Kobie Turner, DT, Wake Forest
Round 4: No. 128 (from Giants) — Stetson Bennett, QB, Georgia
Round 5: No. 161 — Nick Hampton, OLB, Appalachian State
Round 5: No. 174 (from Raiders through Texans) — Warren McClendon, OT, Georgia
Round 5: No. 175 (from Buccaneers) — Davis Allen, TE, Georgia
Round 5: No. 177 — Puka Nacua, WR, BYU
Round 6: No. 182 — Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson, CB, TCU
Round 6: No. 189 (from Titans) — Ochaun Mathis, DE, Nebraska
Round 6: No. 215 (from Bills) — Zach Evans, RB, Ole Miss
Round 7: No. 223 — Ethan Evans, P, Wingate
Round 7: No. 259 (from Saints) — Desjuan Johnson, EDGE, Toledo

What a save job by Les Snead. I can’t go higher when you give away the 6th pick in the draft but then again, the Rams did win a Super Bowl because of it. With that being kept in mind, let’s put that part aside for a second.

How about this draft? The Rams did very well and could push themselves back into contention shortly. Steve Avila was one of the best guards in the draft. Unlike prior years, it seems like the Rams actually understood that their line stinks. Warren McClendon was also added to that group collecting two guys that will likely start for them.

There are also gems littered in the later rounds. Well, I guess all these picks are later round picks but you get the point. Byron Young is a really intriguing pass rusher out of Tennessee. Brings a lot of speed to the table. Puka Nacua might just be the perfect underneath target they were missing. Had a strong predraft process.

The Rams ended up with two of the best gambles in the entire draft. I love Tomlinson. Zach Evans has a lot of talent and could turn out to be a real home run pick.

San Francisco 49ers: F

Round 3: No. 87 (from Vikings) — Ji’Ayir Brown, S, Penn State
Round 3: No. 99 — Jake Moody, K, Michigan
Round 3: No. 101 — Cameron Latu, TE, Alabama
Round 5: No. 155 (from Dolphins) — Darrell Luter, Jr., CB, South Alabama
Round 5: No. 173 — Robert Beal, Jr., DE, Georgia
Round 6: No. 216 — Dee Winters, ILB, TCU
Round 7: No. 247 — Brayden Willis, TE, Oklahoma
Round 7: No. 253 — Ronnie Bell, WR, Michigan
Round 7: No. 255 — Jalen Graham, OLB, Purdue

Just awful. WTF was that? Anytime you have three picks at the end of the third round and you pass on Kelee Ringo every time it’s an automatic F. One of the picks was a kicker and the other pick will be a backup tight end. There is no real ceiling on the Cameron Latu pick.

I like Ji’Ayir Brown but they also traded up for him. This is not a team that can afford to just give away picks. Don’t forget, you have to factor the Trey Lance trade up in this grade. How is that decision working out for them?

There are two picks in here that I like. Sure as hell not good enough to avoid the F grade. Robert Beal out of Georgia is an athletic pass rusher that could develop into more. Ditto for Dee Winters who is undersized but had a great year at TCU.

Seattle Seahawks: B-

Round 1: No. 5 (from Broncos): Devon Witherspoon, CB, Illinois
Round 1: No. 20: Jaxon Smith-Njigba, WR, Ohio State
Round 2: No. 37 (from Broncos): Derick Hall, DE, Auburn
Round 2: No. 52: Zach Charbonnet, RB, UCLA
Round 4: No. 108 (from Broncos) — Anthony Bradford, OG, LSU
Round 4: No. 123 — Cameron Young, DT, Mississippi State
Round 5: No. 151 (from Steelers) — Mike Morris, DE, Michigan
Round 5: No. 154 — Olusegun Oluwatimi, C, Michigan
Round 6: No. 198 — Jerrick Reed II, S, New Mexico
Round 7: No. 237 — Kenny McIntosh, RB, Georgia

I wanted to give the Seahawks an F. I won’t lie to you. Anytime you completely botch the 5th pick in the draft, it should be an F grade. I’m just not sure it’s that simple. It was also a luxury pick and Seattle already robbed Denver for Russell Wilson with or without that pick. Seattle will regret this pick and it could have serious Aaron Curry vibes. I think he’s the John Abram of the draft. We’ll see who is right.

Let’s run through the rest quickly.

The problem is they did a great job after that point. Jaxon Smith-Njigba makes a lot of sense for them as a slot receiver. Already have a big body guy in house with DK. Derick Hall is a quality pass rusher and they didn’t reach for him in the first either.

I don’t love the Zach Charbonnet selection but again… they have that luxury because of the trade with Denver. If he’s your backup to Kenneth Walker I think you’re doing okay there.

They really cleaned up with Oluwatimi, Morris, and McIntosh. I had Oluwatimi as my number-one ranked center. Morris is going to come in and be a factor on that defensive line. Had a great year for Michigan and only fell cause he wasn’t a great athletic tester. Even McIntosh, yes, it’s another running back but he has a great skillset. Unlike the other backs they have too being a factor in the passing game.

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