2022 NFL Draft
One game to cover this week on the 2022 NFL Draft stock report post but Iowa running back Tyler Goodson was a huge winner. Stock way up. (Julio Cortez/AP Photo)

2022 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 5

Talk about a BIG week of college football. Week 5 is JAM PACKED with action that should have a big impact on the 2022 NFL Draft. The slate of game(s) we’re covering include Iowa vs. Maryland… Yup, that’s it. Look, I went to the Red Sox game in DC on Saturday. The boys needed me. You only get one game. Deal with it. Too bad, so sad. Let’s get right down to it as the path to the 2022 NFL Draft marches on.

Iowa vs. Maryland

Two things.

We kinda knew this a year ago but Taulia Tagovailoa stinks. Maryland was never in the game and completed more balls to the other team… or at least it felt like that. Five picks for the younger Tagovailoa. It was just a disaster. The pure arm strength is not there. The field recognition was awful. The guy was benched for something called Reece Udinski. Did they pull that guy out of the crowd?

It’s time to face the fact that Taulia probably isn’t an NFL quarterback. I comped him to Kellen Moore prior to the season. Except this version of Tagovailoa isn’t left-handed. End the script. Not going to cut it.

The winner of this game was Iowa running back Tyler Goodson. The box score doesn’t really do it justice. 19 carries for 66 yards is whatever. Although his 85 yards in the pass game helps. Goodson has quick feet and is great at making those anticipatory cuts.

I don’t care what the box score says. I care about what his feet tell me. Trey likey.

Goodson is a huge winner. Still not the biggest back in the world but his feet and change of direction ability is impossible to ignore. Yes, it’s Maryland but who cares. Those puppies will travel. It’s time to move him up the board.

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