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2022 NFL Scouting Combine: Offensive Line Notes

2022 NFL Scouting Combine

(Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports)

2022 NFL Scouting Combine
The offensive line notes from the 2022 NFL Scouting Combine are here. Check out the good, bad, and ugly from all linemen down in Indianapolis. (Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports)

2022 NFL Scouting Combine: Offensive Line Notes

The 2022 NFL Scouting Combine is officially here. It looked for a minute that we were in danger of even getting a combine this year. That was before the NFL decided to cancel on their stupid bubble idea.

The second day of the combine includes the offensive linemen and running backs. It’s generally regarded as a strong offensive line group. Especially at the tackle spot. The offensive line guys always rise on draft day so big performances here goes a long way. Let’s go through the offensive line notes!

*General Overview:

A lot of the verbiage in this section may be difficult to understand but I will simplify it as best I can. When watching the offensive lineman during the on the field drills I take a different approach than more draft experts would. For example, one player may be a natural knee bender while the other bends at his back instead. Does a player show fluid hip movement? It’s things of that nature that I care about. The normal arm length measurables that people look for is 32″ arms for guards and 34″ arms for tackles. I will break the offensive lineman into groups to give the viewer a better understanding of what kind of offensive lineman each player is.

*Evan Neal did not work out. Neither did Jamaree Salyer. Salyer did get 31 reps which is awesome. Ditto for Daniel Faalele. Tyler Linderbaum too.

The Good Tackles

This Ikem Ekwonu looks real legit. Not sure he’s elite. Thought his back pedel in pass pro was good, not great. Have to give it to him. Smooth crimminal. Can run. Easy move. Speed pops off the screen. Especially coming around the corner. Tackle all day. No issues really. 4.93 time is awesome too.

I still like this Spencer Burford. Small school guy but a hell of a Senior Bowl. Had a really good day. Can totally play tackle. Good mirror drill. Doesn’t get too high. Has some twitch. Great puller. Pass pro is there. Comfortable in the back pedal. Just not sure he’s super duper twitchy. Covers ground. Runs well.

Tell me more about this Tom at Wake Forest? Not perfect but covers ground. Kind of raw but easy mover. Short area burst. Bit narrow but you can see the athletic ceiling.

The Good Guards

Hey, Ed Ingram is on one. Ingram was the only guy to stuff Devonte Wyatt at the Senior Bowl. He came to Indy and had an even better day. So stout. Very in control. Awesome base. Good hips. Wants to punch and get after it. Hands attached to body. He’s a good one.

I LOVE this Zion Johnson. Love. Pretty sure he’s my favorite offensive linemen in the draft now. Dude… he’s unique. He’s got such a good knee bend that I almost don’t know how he does it. Super flexible in the lower half. Gets to where he needs to big. Dancing bear.

The ankle flection is terrific. Unbelievable hips. Really can open up. The twitch is there. Able to redirect under control. Lower half is built. No tired legs in mirror drills. Guy is fantastic. Oh, and Zion was the top bench number at 32.

The Good Centers

Tell you what, this Cole Strange did well. Thought strength was just a big problem at the Senior Bowl. Moving wise looked good. Good puller. Constantly keeps moving. Love the way he chops his feet. Scratch that. Great puller. Oily hip guy. Good jumping numbers too. 10 on the broad and 28 on the vert.

This Parham from Memphis looks alright, hey. Bit of a spazz. Good leverage and balance. Not in control. Actually looked really good minus the part where he was kinda crazy but in a bad way. His mirror drill was probably the best of the second group.


Not sure I”m in on this Charles Cross. Way too high. Instincts getting from point A, to point B is okay at best. Has fast feet. Ok in pass pro. Doesn’t look powerful.

This Luke Fortner is ok. Balance is there. Can bend knees. Just a limited athlete. Can see him sticking as a starting center.

This Alec Lindstrom has some NFL background. His brother plays in the league. Not sure this iteration is as good. Looked better going right than left. Balance sucks. Move fast but stumbling. Lacks short area pop. Can redirect. I don’t know man?

Hines from LSU and Lucas from Washington State were both solid. Nothing off the charts but solid. Ja’Tyre Carter belongs in this tier too.

Bernhard Raimann was fine. Just didn’t look right going backward. Probably a red flag.

I do like Cade Mays. I know he’s not a great athlete. Not shocked he didn’t run. Tough. Has a punch.

Thought Chris Paul had an up and down day. Not covering ground. Some heel clicking. Good back pedal. His eye level was good. Hands not really. Keep those puppies up.

Trevor Penning is being very overhyped. He’s far from perfect. Heavy feet. Does cover ground. No hip flection. Low hands. Long and nasty. No high end twitch.

Not a bad day for Nicholas Petit Frere. Same for Munford. Both Ohio State guys kinda look similar. Both tackles. PF had some quick feet and decent change of direction. Munford too high but really tall. Too slow. Would like to see him cover ground. But good for his size.

Justin Shaffer was fine. Bad instincts. Did a lot of guessing in the drills. Ok moving around. Pops off around the edge. Doesn’t always keep churning his feet. Good power step. Can bend but far from ideal.

Tulsa Smith big steps. High hipped. But raw and something to work with. Hands not always in control. Good enough change of direction. Got some pop. Looks natural in the tackle slide.

Nick Zakelj was fine. Bit stiff. Didn’t love his Senior Bowl which makes it hard to like him.

The Ugly

Blaise Andries can be crossed off the list. Guy stinks. Stuck in the mud. Too slow and not big enough to make up for it. Punch stinks. Out.

Austin Deculus blows. I mean BLOWS. Not using balls of his feet. Constantly stuck in the mud. Terrible knee bend. Joke of a punch. His upper body is totally over his lower half like he’s trying to take it in the you know what. High hipped. His hand placement is fucking awful. Looks like a penguin rather than a boxer. First step is atrocious.

Bill Dunkle? Yeah, out. Looks like a fudge pop. Painfully slow. Even worse in short area. Stuck on heels. Yikes. Yikes. Yikes.

Kenyon Green might be trash. I mean wow he had an awful day. By far the worst at just simply screwing up instructions for the skills. Heavy feet. Really bad base. Total guard. Looked okay going side to side. Nothing else. Lacks lower body explosion. Bad punch. Shitty balance. Looks really odd on the plant foot. Kick slide totally not natural.

Cam Jurgens stinks. Maybe his beef jerky doesn’t. I don’t know. He’s falling over everywhere. Looks small. Terrible change of direction. Terrible pause every time he needs to move in another direction. All around bad.

I don’t really even have words for this Darian Kinnard. He makes me want to vomit. Which is no surprise because that’s how he made me feel at the Senior Bowl. He’s so bad that if you draft him, I will laugh at you and I guarantee I’m right.

Myron Cunningham has no talent. None. Why did he get invited? Non-athlete. Does nothing well. May as well be stuck in quick sand. Too slow in short areas. What does he do well? Nothing.

Marquis Hayes no good. Too upright. Bad change of direction. Plant foot too stiff. Not good.

Not saying Luke Wattenberg had a terrible day but in one of the drills the guy showed basically no urgency getting off the ground. I need better. Back bender.

Marcus McKethan just average. No change of direction skills. Didn’t sprint in the drills. Bad sign.

Max Mitchell is not talented. Too slow. Brings nothing to the table.

Robinson from Oklahoma all over the place. Too much drifting on the lines in the drills. So so knee bend. Bad hips.

The Virginia Tech Smith was awful. Guy wasn’t even trying. Turns were way too wide around the cones. Doesn’t want to use his hands at all.

Michigan Stueber stinks. Total back bender. Slow. Narrow feet. Too high. Bad eye level. No reach kick step.

Luke Tenuta tall but stick legs. Footwork is bad. Doesn’t use balls of his feet. Bad change of direction. Can’t open up the hips. Zero knee bend. Bad hands.

Volson stuck in the mud. Not good balance. Good around the cones but no acceleration in his stride.

Vendetta’s Top 5 Offensive Lineman

1. Evan Neal (Alabama)

2. Tyler Linderbaum (Iowa)

3. Ikem Ekwonu (NC State)

4. Zion Johnson (Boston College)

5. Jamaree Salyer (Georgia)


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