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2021 NFL Mock Draft Simulator
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2022 NFL Mock Draft Simulator: Dallas Cowboys

2022 NFL Mock Draft Simulator: Dallas Cowboys

Vendetta Sports Media is back in your life with another NFL Mock Draft Simulator, and this time we are snatching the reigns from Jerry Jones and taking over for the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys had a very disappointing end to the year last year, and I believe they are missing just a few pieces to finally being able to make a deep postseason run. We might have had a hiccup in this one, but with me, this is to be expected! Let’s dive into this 2022 NFL Mock Draft Simulator for the Dallas Cowboys!

Right off the bat, I am putting Ezekiel Elliott on the trade block. Elliott doesn’t make it out of this on this roster. We love what we have in Tony Pollard and if we can add a running back in the later rounds of this draft class, we aren’t going to miss Zeke at all.

You’ll notice that there is no trading down in this because we can’t afford to trade down. We went 12-5 last season, and moving around doesn’t benefit us this time around. I am looking to add players who will make an impact from the jump and help us in areas where we struggled last season. I also looked at the teams in my division and what they were doing with their picks and realized they have no idea what they were doing, especially Howie Roseman who at this point is just cancer for the Eagles. I felt very comfortable with how this draft class unfolded, not only for myself with the Cowboys but how the division shook out as well.

Alright Cowboys fans, how did I do? Does this class bolster this roster enough to finally make a deep postseason run? Let me know in the comments if this class does that, or does this class keeps this team stuck in the place they are now. As always, be sure to like the video, subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already, and share this with any of your friends or family if they are Cowboys fans.

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