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2022 NFL Draft
(Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

2022 NFL Draft Cornerback Rankings

2022 NFL Draft
Derek Stingley tops the list of what appears to be a very good cornerback class. Check out the rest of the top ten list here. (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

2022 NFL Draft Cornerback Rankings

The 2022 NFL Draft is a loaded cornerback group. When we look back on it years later, it will probably be a class that’s remembered fondly. The cornerback rankings for the 2022 NFL Draft are here so let’s go over the list!

1. Derek Stingley (LSU)

I think Derek Stingley is the best player in the draft. I don’t care what anybody says. Now, I’m willing to debate it but no matter how you slice it, this is a top five player in the draft. If your eyeballs work, you would have known that three years ago when LSU won the National Title. Generational cornerback prospect. He’s my first pick if I’m Jacksonville and can’t trade down.

2. Sauce Gardner (Cincinnati)

I feel pretty good that Gardner at minimum will be a guy who starts in the league at a more than capable level. The dude didn’t give up a single touchdown in college. He can more than just play. Feels like a faster Richard Sherman. Not a super twitchy athlete. The Speed is there. Sauce is going to kill you in press. Would have no issue picking him in the top 10.

3. Kaiir Elam (Florida)

I did the draft profile for Kaiir Elam I went over a lot of his pros and cons. The cons are more of a PTSD thing. Guy looks damn good and is SEC battle tested. Think he should work and would be okay picking him at the end of the first round.

4. Andrew Booth (Clemson)

Really big recruit. Has real ball skills. Stock might have slipped cause of the hernia surgery. I think he’s better than Derion Kendrick but are we sure? Defense took a step back when Kendrick left the program. Overall, think he’s a good player. Not sure he’s a home run but can play.

5. Derion Kendrick (Georgia)

I’m sorry but his ball skills are too good. They’re the best in the class and it’s not close. I’ll take the flier on him. We’re talking about a guy who could have 12 picks every year and wouldn’t bat an eye. That’s real potential. Kendrick is a former wide receiver and it’s not hard to see. Take the risk. The upside is too great.

6. Roger McCreary (Auburn)

Not the best athlete in the world but really solid player. Quicker than fast. Really good in the predraft stuff at the Senior Bowl. Can really play the nickel corner spot. Should be a stud. Second-third round guy that will be productive and fit every roster.

7. Tariq Castro-Fields (Penn State)

Joey Porter Jr is probably the premier corner at Penn State but that just means Castro-Fields was battle tested. Penn State had a really good defense and Castro-Fields was part of it. Long corner. Not the greatest athlete. Has some potential. Could be a sleeper guy that turns into a Josh Norman if everything goes right.

8. Mario Goodrich (Clemson)

Clemson guy. Feels like a backup but very small sample size. I need to do more work here but the flashes I saw were really positive. It’s hard to make that football team and Goodrich did enough to get a look in the middle rounds.

9. Jalyn Armour-Davis (Alabama)

Starter for Alabama. Think he’s better than Josh Jobe. Way less panicky. Long corner. Limited movement skills. Has to be a man to man guy I think. Three picks this year. Bit raw but the high end is intriguing.

10. Jermaine Waller (Virginia Tech)

Really big dude and can really catch the ball. I mean LEGIT ball skills. Hard to ignore. Shined at VTech.


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