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2022 NFL Draft
(Photo/Zachary Tate,

2022 NFL Draft Safety Rankings

2022 NFL Draft
Lewis Cine tops the Vendetta 2022 NFL Draft safety rankings. Check out the rest of the list here! (Photo/Zachary Tate,

2022 NFL Draft Safety Rankings

The 2022 NFL Draft is almost here! It’s time to finish up the positional rankings for the defensive side of the ball. On paper, this safety class looks like a good one but it’s filled with some intrigue and mystery as well. Which safeties make the Vendetta draft list?

1. Lewis Cine (Georgia)

I don’t think Lewis Cine is a 100 percent polished product but this dude at his peak is going to be a monster. The pure ceiling of Cine is the highest in this class. He has really good instincts and was tasked with playing that deep safety role at Georgia. He’s damn good at covering ground.

Cine checks a lot of boxes. He was an easy five star recruit. He’s a tough son of a bitch. Kills you in the run game. Plays way bigger than his size (6-foot-2, 199). When he hits you, you go down. 4.37 speed is real. Plays really fast. Super high energy. Played in every game as a true freshman on THAT Georgia team. What are we missing?

Ball production isn’t quite there yet but I think it will come. His movement skills are too good for him not to figure that out. It’s not like he has brick hands. I love him. Really good in coverage. Really hammers people tackling. Competes his ass off. Would take him at the back end of the first round.

2. Daxton Hill (Michigan)

Kam recently did an article about Daxton Hill. For the most part I’m in on him. Versatility is key here too. Actually think he can play corner which makes me put him number two in the class. The 4.38 speed was a pleasant surprise. Really long arms here. Telling you, this guy is going to be a nickel ace in the hole.

Really dependable player at Michigan. Not sure he’s super twitchy but really good instincts and the play speed is there. Really disciplined player too. Doesn’t often make the mistake on the back end that will kill you.

3. Jaquan Brisker (Penn State)

I really think Jaquan Brisker was the heart and sole of that Penn State defense. He’s a leader and gamer back there. Covers his ass off. Big recruit. Makes the tackle. You can tell he’s strong. 22 reps is damn good on the bench. 4.49 speed is more than good enough. Can really cover and play nickel in a pinch. Very respectable athletic traits. See him as a high end starter and would pull the trigger in the second round.

4. Kyle Hamilton (Notre Dame)

I’m not in on Kyle Hamilton. I’ve already went over it. He reeks and smells like the Jabril Peppers of the draft. Guy has a big mouth on him too on Twitter but in a loser podcaster way, not in a tough way. Don’t think he’s that talented. More of a bigger specimen that can somewhat move than a pure cover guy. Best case might be a 4-3 outside linebacker with range. More Jamal Adams than an ace in the hole covering. Getting bad Aaron Curry vibes here. Do think there is a chance he’s a good player but the ceiling on even that best case doesn’t appear elite. Can leap and looks impressive but short area and long speed is not there. Good luck. I’d take him in the 3rd round.

5. Verone McKinley (Oregon)

This dude fucking pops. If he was bigger I’d have him ahead of Kyle Hamilton. Scratch that, if he was an SEC guy that I watched more often he might be a second rounder, to me. I can’t get his combine out of my head. Very reminiscent of how I viewed Jevon Holland a year ago and he rocked. I’m a big fan. Good pick in the middle rounds.

6. Kerby Joseph (Illinois)

Just has some ball skills that can’t be ignored. Five picks a year ago. Has some upside to maybe be a quality starter with coverage ability. You can do worse.

7. Nick Cross (Maryland)

Runs really fast. Not sure he’s a great football player. Feels like a coin flip. Not sure I watched Maryland enough to get a proper read.

8. Jalen Pitre (Baylor)

Feels small. Didn’t love his combine. Has some production. Looks scrappy. We’ll see.

9. Smoke Monday (Auburn)

Might be a special teams guy. Feels like a gamer. Movement skills are limited. Might just be a better football player than pure athlete. Had some moments at Auburn.

10. Bubba Bolden (Miami)

Tough guy. Former big recruit. Limited but has some serious box safety potential if everything goes right.

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