Which prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft should increase stock prices on SimBull? These rookies should come in and impact the games right away. (Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

2021 NFL Draft Prospects That Should Increase SimBull Share Prices

Buy low, sell high… but what if that’s not enough! To get ahead on SimBull, you have to buy early and almost become a fortune teller. The 2021 NFL Draft is a huge event that will likely drastically change share prices for better or worse. The question is what prospects will or SHOULD increase share prices?

Trevor Lawrence

This one has sort of already been factored into share prices for the Jaguars. Jacksonville already sits at over $32 a share. It’s still a great long term play. Urban Meyer is a winner. Trevor Lawrence is a generational quarterback. You’re almost too late to join the party here. Still, Lawrence has increased the Jags share price and hasn’t played a snap yet.

Justin Fields

I believe Justin Fields is the real deal. As I said in my quarterback rankings, Fields feels like the Deshaun Watson of the draft. Years later we’re going to sit here and wonder why the Ohio State quarterback fell in the draft.

Whatever team picks Fields, should or will see an increase in their share price. Imagine if it’s a team like the Panthers (who I already think are a great investment)? It does not matter who takes Fields, you should be interested in that team.

Kyle Pitts

I think Kyle Pitts is the best player in the draft. Whatever team selects him will see a huge uptick in their offensive output. He’s going to make life very, very easy in the red area. You should treat the Pitts addition the same as if they just landed Tony Gonzalez.

Sure, he’s a rookie so maybe it doesn’t happen over night. Still, Pitts is special. Imagine him on the Dolphins while they already have an army of future picks to work with?

Ja’Marr Chase

I’m not a psychology major but humans have proved to have very short memories. Ja’Marr Chase caught TWENTY touchdowns in the SEC two years ago. Chase should be regarded as the best receiver in the draft.

Chase should have a major impact for any team that drafts him. Well, unless Detroit takes him or something like that.

Patrick Surtain

The impact a number one corner can have on a defense is scary. Teams literally refused the ball in Surtain’s direction at Alabama. A team like Dallas, it could be the difference between winning 6 games or sneaking by as the division winner. Surtain is just on another level compared to the other cornerback prospects.

Penei Sewell

Franchise changing offensive line prospects in the past have had a major impact on winning. Look at what Quenton Nelson did for the Colts? What about when Dallas first started building that line with Tyron Smith and Zack Martin? The impact of Ronnie Stanley with the Ravens offense is so underrated.

Penei Sewell should have that same impact.

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