2020 NFL Draft
Derrick Brown is cementing himself as a top 10 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft (Jim Brown/USA TODAY Sports)

The 2020 NFL Draft continues to take shape as another week of the college football season is in the books. This week, I don’t have much to give you. Just one game. Sorry, when you have MLB playoffs going on at the same time, it’s hard to lock in to a full slate of scouting. I did make sure to watch a vast majority of the Auburn vs. Florida SEC showdown. That’s going to be the focus of this post. Let’s take a look at this game and how it affected the 2020 NFL Draft?

Side Note: Since I’m only doing one game this week, I figured I would throw a bonus in here. How is Justin Fields not going to win the Heisman? It feels like he has been touched by god to run this Ohio State spread offense. The man is on a mission. When you’re putting up 34 on a pretty good Michigan State defense, you have my attention. In 5 games this year, Fields is completing 69 percent of his throws for 18 touchdowns and 1 interception. That’s not including 283 yards on the ground and 8 scores with his legs. We’re too early to jump the gun on this but he looks every bit as good as Trevor Lawrence. I wouldn’t be 100 percent sure Lawrence has the number one picked locked up for 2021.

Auburn AT Florida

Look, I know I should do the entire game. I only want to talk about one guy. He just looked so much better than everyone else that I don’t know how he doesn’t deserve all of my attention. That man is Derrick Brown. The guy is a monster. Brown had a sack fumble and also recovered another fumble. The man is a monster.

Just watch number 5. Brown looks like a man among boys. Collegiate defensive tackles are not supposed to look like this. The athleticism is off the charts. The power and skill is off the charts. I hate to throw around the can’t miss label but Brown is just too good to fail. Just watch the games. He moves in a way that pops off the screen.

Brown would have been a top 10 pick a year ago. He should be a top 10 pick this year. He’s by far the best defensive tackle in the class as of now.