2020 NFL Draft
I’m so done with Justin Herbert. He is a homeless man version of Josh Allen. More 2020 NFL Draft notes from the Rose Bowl inside the post! (Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press)

I’m going to be diving into the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl today as it relates to the 2020 NFL Draft. The Rose Bowl was a good one this year surprisingly. Oregon beat Wisconsin 28-27 in a real barn burner that could have gone either way. We will dive into how the game impacted the 2020 NFL Draft so let’s not waste any time. Who stood out for better or worse when it comes to the 2020 NFL Draft?

I’m so done with Justin Herbert. I can’t do this anymore. 14-20 for 138 yards and 1 pick. Now he did run for 3 touchdowns but that’s only because Wisconsin has a bunch of ranchers on defense that can’t run. Congrats Herbert, you had a lower QBR in the game than Jack Coan and that guy sucks.

I’m not doing this anymore. The sad part is Herbert has tools. Big, tall, strong, and throws lasers. The problem is he just sucks at the quarterback thing. Nothing is ever on target and every other play is a bubble screen praying that one of his athletes makes a play. When he throws down field, it’s never close to anybody. Totally out. In past weeks, I called Herbert poor man Josh Allen. I was wrong. He’s homeless man version of Josh Allen (BTW I liked Josh Allen at Wyoming so this has nothing to do with Josh Allen). No, thank you on Justin Herbert. I’ll be shopping elsewhere.

Notice you won’t find one throw from Herbert making the highlight reel. Sorry, one did when he threw a goofy intereption that made it two yards before getting picked. OUT.

One more guy I want to mention on the Ducks. Juwan Johnson kind of got lost in the shuffle this year after transferring from Penn State. An injury plagued season slowed him down. That being said, I thought he was really good in this one. Johnson, 6-foot-4 – 231, is a big body that creates problems. Wisconsin is always a physical team and he bullied his matchup. Back shoulder fades and winning contested catches. I thought he looked good. 5 catches for 66 yards in a solid performance. He also has terrific hands. I know it’s a deep receiver class but just keep him on your radar.

I thought the best defender in the game was Jevon Holland but he’s only a Sophomore. Might be a star. Kayvon Thibodeaux is ridiculous so I’m not including him either. He will be the first defender off the board in 2022.

I thought Jonathan Taylor looked decent. I don’t see the twitchy gear that a JK Dobbins has been he’s got power and enough speed. 21 carries for 94 yards against a good Oregon front is legit. He had a couple runs where he carried some defenders with him to pick up extra yardage. That was impressive. Still gets a check against him for fumbling. Got about what I was expecting. Taylor is a good back, not a special one. He will make somebody relatively happy in the 3rd round.

Keep an eye on Quintez Cephus too. I don’t know why this comp is coming to my head but stay with me. If you took Evan Engram; had him drop 20 pounds, made him more physical, and took 15 percent athleticism away, you have Quintez Cephus. He should probably go back to school but is an intriguing big body slot guy that can serve as a pseudo tight end.