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2019 Fantasy Football

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2019 Fantasy Football Running Back Sleepers

2019 Fantasy Football
Kalen Ballage is oozing with sleeper potential. What other 2019 #fantasyfootball running back sleepers should you target? (Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports)

2019 Fantasy Football sleepers continues to roll on. If you missed the post about the quarterbacks, well, do yourself a favor and click here. Today we focus on the running backs. Last year, James Conner probably won you a lot of games. I know he did for me. I told you to pick him. Hey, maybe one day you will listen. Now we’re are on to 2019 and there are a lot of enticing names as always. One of them just might win you a championship. Let’s take a look at the 2019 fantasy football running back sleepers you should target!

Tevin Coleman (San Francisco 49ers)

Everyone knows who Tevin Coleman is so I’ll leave him here. The Kyle Shanahan running back ALWAYS outperforms capabilities. I should say Shanahan (Mike or Kyle) and Kubiak backs. Just go down the list. Tatum Bell, Mike Anderson, Devonta Freeman, Steve Slaton, Arian Foster, Alfred Morris, etc. I truly don’t know how they do it. That zone running game is deadly. It’s laughable to think Devonta Freeman is a good running back. He’s a product of this system just like the 800 before him. Well, Tevin Coleman gets to be the beneficiary in San Fran as the starting back. Draft him. Do it. You won’t regret it.

Ryquell Armstead (Jacksonville Jaguars)

The Jaguars have two running backs. One is talented and lazy. The other isn’t as talented but is a tough S.O.B. Which one will the team rally behind? Leonard Fournette is obviously the lead guy but that’s really the only reason to like the guy. He brings zero pass catching to the table. Fournette is coming off a year where he averaged 3.3 yards per carry. He also gets in trouble off the field. Even on it sometimes. It also doesn’t look like he loves football. Ryquell Armstead is Temple tough. That guy will blow your head off if he gets a chance. I think he carves out a role.

Darwin Thompson (Kansas City Chiefs)

The Andy Reid running back is money in fantasy. Brian Westbrook was a hero for years. Kareem Hunt was a stallion. Damien Williams is locked in as the starter. Still, I don’t necessarily think that means Williams takes on a lionshare duty. Darwin Thompson can have his own role. He can make guys miss and is the best pass catching back on the roster. Don’t sleep on the guy. If you draft Damien Williams, I would also take Thompson.

Royce Freeman (Denver Broncos)

Imagine you’re the stock market for a second. Nobody wants Royce Freeman. Everybody wants Phillip Lindsay. Let’s take a timeout. Freeman still averaged 4 yards per carry as a rookie. Dead brain Vance Joseph is gone and a whole new staff is in place. I still think there’s a chance Freeman gets a lot of early down work and vultures touchdowns. He was drafted in the third round for a reason. It would be crushing for Lindsay’s value. Would it really be that surprising to have more of a split after Lindsay ended his season with a fractured wrist?

Justin Jackson (Los Angeles Chargers)

I want to go deep diving here. Just stay with me. Let’s say Melvin Gordon sits out games. Austin Ekeler is the guy you want. Justin Jackson isn’t very far behind. Melvin Gordon missed Weeks 13,14, and 15 last year. During that time, Justin Jackson got 8,7, and 16 carries respectively. He also added two rushing and two receiving touchdowns to his stat line. Just remember Jackson is no slouch either. The Bolts have 3 good backs. Don’t forget about Jackson.

Darrell Henderson (Los Angeles Rams)

I love Darrell Henderson. I’m in on him. I think the guy is going to be a steal. Apparently, the Rams agreed after they called the former Memphis tailback their Alvin Kamara. They are going to use him regardless of how Todd Gurley is doing. If Gurley goes down, Henderson might be the best handcuff out there. Explosive running back here.

Ronald Jones (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

If Ronald Jones doesn’t figure it out this year, he’s never going to. The job is his to run away with. For the love of god, it’s just Peyton Barber as the competition. Jones is a former 2nd round pick from USC with great home run hitting speed. Maybe this pick doesn’t work out for you but it very well could. The tools are there. Maybe he just needed a coach with accountability like Bruce Arians.

Gus Edwards (Baltimore Ravens)

Gus Edwards is better than Mark Ingram. I don’t care if you disagree with me. If you do, just know that you are wrong. In 137 carries as a rookie, Edwards averaged 5.2 yards per carry. That’s with Lamar Jackson as his quarterback in a super run heavy offense where the defense knows exactly what’s coming. Edwards is a special talent. It’s a super run heavy offense where Edwards is going to get his carries regardless.

Kalen Ballage (Miami Dolphins)

Kalen Ballage is my guy this year. Outside of playing for the Dolphins, there’s nothing else to not like. It appears that Ballage is heading for a split workload with Kenyan Drake. Coaches will soon find out that Ballage will deserve the starting nod. Ballage is big, fast, and scary. It’s a matter of time until he breaks out. Just get ready. Ballage averaged 5.3 yards per carry in 2018. He just needs more of an opportunity.


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