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2018/2019 NFL Season: Week One Overreaction Meter

2018/2019 Season

(AP Photo/Jose Juarez)

2018/2019 Season
How could you not be impressed with Sam Darnold! (AP Photo/Jose Juarez)

Week one of the 2018/2019 NFL season is in the books and it’s time to completely overreact to what happened this past weekend. Should Buccaneers fans start to celebrate an NFC South title? Well, maybe not but the NFL gives all fans hope. With a win or a loss in week one, every fan base still feels like they’re in it. Then again, maybe not so much for Bears or Lions fans. It’s time for the overreaction meter. A zero meter will be there’s all truth to the take and nothing more. A ten will represent a very false take and we should stop overreacting to one game. If Chad Bauman is reading this column, it would make for some interesting topics on his hit show heavyweight hot takes (insert eyes emoji).

James Conner Is Better Than Le’Veon Bell!

Overreaction Meter: 4

I don’t think this take is so far fetched. For those who have followed me in the past, you fans know I’ve been super high on James Conner. Maybe even too high on James Conner but he looks legit. It’s no shock that it took an extra year for Conner to pop considering he was overcoming cancer. That’s pretty understandable if you ask me. Heading into year two, forget the magical preseason outings; Conner’s body was transformed. He dropped 20 pounds and all of the sudden just looked like Le’Veon Bell and kept that hard nose running style.


It’s no secret that the Steelers have done nothing but run Le’Veon Bell into the ground. The stat line doesn’t lie. Bell’s yard per carry number dropped from 4.9 to 4.0 this past year and touched the ball over 400 times. It’s part of the reason Bell is holding out. Conner, on the other hand, has fresh legs and it showed. 4.4 yards per carry for Conner and 135 yards on an underrated Browns front 7 is pretty impressive to me. He even has improved as a pass catcher. Clean up the fumble and Conner was flawless. I’m not saying Conner is better right now but I think it starts to become a real conversation if this kind of production continues. There’s no question that Conner is a top 10 fantasy running back as long as Le’Veon Bell sits.

Fitzmagic Will lead the Bucs to an NFC South Title!

Overreaction Meter: 8

Crazier things have happened! Hey, maybe I was a year too soon when I boldly predicted the Bucs would win the NFC South a year ago. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the definition of inconsistent and we really don’t know where it comes from. In 2015 Fitzpatrick threw 31 touchdowns. In 2016 he threw just 12 touchdowns. What if Fitzpatrick finds that 2015 form? 4 touchdowns against the Saints is no joke. At the end of the day, we’re still talking about Dirk Koetter so the chances are that this thing will go to hell in a hurry. There’s also a chance the job gets handed back to Jameis Winston killing any possible momentum. I’m sure the Bucs come back to earth playing the Eagles this upcoming week.

The Falcons season is over!

Overreaction Meter: 0

Let’s keep this one short and sweet. First, Keanu Neal tore his ACL. In week one against the Eagles before the injury, Philly’s offense went 8 throws for 16 yards and 2 yards per carry. After Neal left the game those numbers increased to 19 throws for 100 yards and 5.3 yards per carry. Neal is just one of those guys that’s more valuable than the box score suggest.

Second, Deion Jones was placed on IR. Jones is the glue for that entire defense. Jones is Atlanta’s version of Sean Lee or Bobby Wagner. When those guys leave the field, everything goes wrong. Jones’ speed and range just makes up for mistakes. Atlanta’s defense was above average before the injuries led by the most overrated coach Dan Quinn. Now the defense is starting to look below average at best.

The Lead Word – NFL Returns – 9.10.18

Finally, this offense is not the same. Get over it. The ghost of Kyle Shanahan is gone. Matt Ryan is a slightly better version of Andy Dalton. The play calling under Steve Sarkisian is horrendous. Also, the Super Bowl is in Atlanta this year anyway so their season was cursed before it ever began. Until the Falcons fire Sark, they can just pack it in from here on out.

The Bears are back!

Overreaction Meter: 0

I still can’t get over the fact that everyone hasn’t figured out that Mitch Trubisky can’t play. How hard is this to figure out. The first 19 total plays by the Bears offense, Chicago totaled 146 yards two drives. The rest of the game Chicago totaled 157 yards on 8 drives. This offense is all smoke and mirrors gimmick bs. It’s a college garbage offense. Once again, Trubisky failed to throw a touchdown pass. It’s going to be a rough 5 years until the Bears admit their mistake.

The Ravens are legit Super Bowl contenders!

Overreaction Meter: 5

Motivated Joe is back. It’s pretty clear after one week that a fire has been lit under Joe Flacco’s ass at the very least. Flacco is a guy who needs something to play for and he has it now with Lamar Jackson breathing down his neck. Flacco did enough to quiet the haters putting up a 47 piece on the 2017 playoff Bills. Joe Flacco can be as good as Joe Flacco wants to be. Will, he care all season or will Joe Flaccid return when things get tough midseason.

The Ravens defense also looks good. I’m not sure how talented they are but they have some toughness to them. It’s not out of the question that this team wins the AFC North. Never forget Joe Flacco is 11-5 in the postseason.

2018 NFL Scouting Combine: Offensive Line Notes

Sam Darnold will be the best rookie quarterback!

Overreaction Meter: 0

I’m not going to waste any more time on this than I have too because I tried to tell you. Sam Darnold is clearly the best rookie quarterback from the 2018 NFL Draft. He’s also the only one who started out of all of the five first-round rookie quarterbacks. Things aren’t always going to be smooth sailing with Darnold. He plays fast, reckless, and takes chances he probably shouldn’t… But that’s Darnold. Pick six? No problem; he bounces back like nothing happened and lights up the Lions. Darnold never panics. His presnap knowledge of the game is already exceptional. There’s never a problem reading through progressions and can make all the throws. If you’re a New York Giants fan today, you have to be sick to your stomach passing on Darnold.

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