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(Julio Cortez/AP Photo)

10 Real NFL Facts That Seem Completely Made Up – 2020

NFL Facts
(Julio Cortez/AP Photo)

I’ve recently been coming across a lot of wild NFL facts online that seem totally fake at first glance. Here are some of my favorites that might have you stopping and thinking for a second.

Tom Brady is 2nd all-time in receiving yards after the age of 40.

The list goes: Jerry Rice, Tom Brady, Brett Favre.

The only two QBs that have beaten both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in the playoffs are Mark Sanchez and Joe Flacco.

Of course, it’s those two. It would be. Joe Flacco was a really good playoff QB so that makes a little sense.

The Indianapolis Colts have won the AFC East more recently than the Buffalo Bills.

This is crazy because the Colts are currently in the AFC South. They last won the AFC East in 1999 before a division realignment in 2002 moved them to the South. Not a good look for Bills Mafia. To be fair, it’s not your fault you had Brady and Belichick in your division for pretty much that whole time.

Blake Bortles is 3rd all-time in 3rd Down completion percentage.

I’ve seen this in a bunch of places (which gives me confidence that it’s true) but my 20 minutes of research turned up no ranking for this stat, so if anyone can find anything on this I’d love to know. If this supposed NFL fact is true, I hate it a lot.

In one game, Colin Kaepernick was sacked 5 times and had 4 passing yards.

He was benched partway through this 2016 contest against the Bears and was replaced by Blaine Gabbert. But yeah, he totally belongs back in the league.

Tom Brady has never lost a playoff game where he didn’t throw a TD pass.

Tom Brady has played five playoff games where he has not thrown a TD. He’s won all of them. Run game on 100.

If 2019 Lions games just didn’t have a fourth quarter, they would have gone 10-6.

They went 3-12-1 in 2019. Seven blown 4Q leads is the epitome of Detroit Lions football.

The 2007 Patriots could have started every game with a 20-point deficit and still won 10 games that season.

People love to hate on the Patriots, but this team was insane. Didn’t win a ring though.

Derrick Henry has more playoff passing TDs than Carson Wentz.

It’s currently 1 to 0 in favor of Henry. Not really an indictment on Wentz since he was hurt the last time the Eagles made the playoffs, but it’s still wild to think about.

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Career Stats

These are all real NFL Facts: Fitzmagic has more passing yards than Kurt Warner. He has a higher passer rating than John Elway. Oh, and he has a higher completion percentage than Dan Marino. This guy sure sounds like a Hall of Famer to me.


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