1 QB Fantasy Leagues
1 QB Fantasy Leagues are for cowards. Stop being Charmin Ultra Soft and make your league a two quarterback league. Shouldn’t quarterbacks be more valuable in fantasy? (Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports)

1 QB Fantasy Leagues Are For Cowards

Fantasy Football is around the corner. Nothing drives me more insane than the cookie cutter bullshit ESPN puts out there. One of the things that is super annoying to me is how it’s standard to only start one quarterback. There are 32 starting quarterbacks. Grow a sack and play in a league where you can start two quarterbacks.

Now, I’ll provide an example for what my league does. You have the option to start two quarterbacks. My league has two flex spots. One can be a quarterback. One cannot. This option automatically throws a wrinkle in drafts. Even for those Charmin ultra soft people that do snake drafts.

Quarterbacks should be valuable in fantasy. They’re the most important position in the sport. Somehow, they are almost the least important position outside of tight end and kicker. Two quarterback leagues changes that quickly. Auction values for quarterbacks go way up. Depending how many teams in your league there are, the guy that starts hoarding them has a smart strategy. It adds a whole new twist and turn.

There are 32 of them that start. Grow a pair and make your league a two quarterback league. Especially now. Think about the influx of quarterbacks coming into the sport. Aaron Rodgers didn’t even make my top 10 fantasy quarterbacks for this year. Why should you watch a football Sunday and have one of the quarterbacks be totally irrelevant in fantasy? It makes no sense. Stop being a coward. Enough is enough. Two quarterback leagues need to become the standard.