Von Miller
Von Miller admits the Broncos can’t stop Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. He needs his offense to put up points in order to beat Kansas City. (Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

The Denver Broncos are one of my sleeper teams this year. One reason is because Drew Lock went 4-1 down the stretch and the defense has some really good players. Could they pull off a heroic effort against Patrick Mahomes? Von Miller says no. They can’t stop Patrick Mahomes, they need the offense to score too.

I thought it was a funny quote. Just being honest here:

“Can’t. We’ve just got to score points,” Miller said. “If we’re able to get off the field — you can hold them to a third down here and there, but that’s on our offense. We’ve got to score on offense because you cannot — it’s not smart to go into the game and say we’re going to hold Patrick Mahomes to no points.”

I’m fascinated to see the progression of Drew Lock this year. The Mizzou product was really good a year ago. Plus, now he gets a bunch of new toys. Will he win shoot outs? That remains to be seen. A year ago, the Chiefs game was the only one Lock lost. Denver put up 3 points and got smacked. Von Miller doesn’t want to see that again.

The Broncos should be really good on the defensive side of the ball this year. Bradley Chubb comes back. AJ Bouye and Jurell Casey were traded for. Justin Simmons is one of the best safeties in the NFL. They have some players. If I had to pick today, Denver is a playoff team. But… Von Miller is right. They have to score points against the big boys if they’re going to make any noise this year.