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Is Zion Williamson Really On The Table In Trade Talks?

Zion Williamson
Is Zion Williamson really on the table in trade talks? Apparently, there is “no relationship” with the Pelicans at this point. (Darren Abate/Associated Press)

Is Zion Williamson Really On The Table In Trade Talks?

Is a Zion Williamson trade really possible this offseason? Apparently, the Pelicans and Zion have “no relationship” and it no longer seems impossible that the former Duke product is playing for someone else next year. Imagine being so incompetent as a franchise that you somehow win nothing after being gift-wrapped Anthony Davis and Zion?

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said a lot of things on his most recent podcast:

“Every day that passes over the past five or six days, I hear different discussions the Pelicans have had that implies they are going to make Zion available,” Windhorst said.

This comes after Windy implied Zion could be on the move in order to move up in the draft:

Zion averaged 26 points, 7 rebounds and 4.6 assists per game in 29 contests for New Orleans last season. Williamson, 22, has only played more than 30 games in a single season once back in 2020-21. We’re now heading into year five of the Zion journey and he really hasn’t accomplished anything.

I’m sorry but I’m putting a lot of this on New Orleans. It’s an irrelevant franchise that has botched every single star that’s ever played for them. That’s dating all the way back to Chris Paul and then the team even lost franchise for a bit. This team has never won anything and they just don’t get any benefit of the doubt here.

All Zion needs is someone in his corner to tell him to put the soda away. That’s really it. This is one of the premier talents the league has to offer and was the first overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft for a reason. I have no idea what the price is to acquire Zion Williamson but it’s going to be a fascinating storyline to follow.

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