Elton Brand
A YouTube commenter had the spin zone of the year. Is Elton Brand the mastermind of the Philadelphia 76ers hot start in 2020-2021? (YONG KIM / Philadelphia Inquirer)

YouTube Comment Creates The Spin Zone Of The Year On Elton Brand

Have you ever heard a sports take that’s so bad, it’s good? This next story is something that should go down in the record books. When you want to create a spin zone, follow the lead of this YouTube commenter. Why are the 76ers so much better this year? Does Elton Brand deserve all the credit?

During one of our NBA Shorts videos, someone commented with an All-Time line.

Elton Brand

Hey, credit to Stephen White. It gave me a good chuckle. In fact, if we want to go down the Skip Bayless route, you could do the mental gymnastics of trying to say Brand was still with the organization prior to Morey and Rivers showing up.

Maybe when Brand gives Morey coffee in the morning, he has a great ratio of sugar to cream? Maybe Brand has a 5-Star Uber rating on the side? Who knows? The only thing we do know is that Brand is still cashing checks and his job title has not changed. He’s still the general manager. Maybe just maybe Stephen is on to something.

Getting back to reality, it takes a special kind of crazy to defend Elton Brand. A year ago, Brand created the goofiest lineup in NBA history. The Al Horford signing was the single worst fit of any free agent acquisition in recent memory. Morey essentially erased everything Brand did and now Philadelphia is a real contender again. SHOCKING.

Credit to the 76ers. It looks like the Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons thing doesn’t have to just always suck. The supporting cast just makes a hell of a lot more sense when you surround them with shooting such as Seth Curry and Danny Green.