Ben Simmons Joel Embiid
Can we just be honest? Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid DO NOT work together. The Philadelphia 76ers are not a championship caliber team. (Chris Szagola/AP)

Chemistry matters. A lot of Hollywood celebrities get divorced. Even if they’re both really hot. Why? Chemistry. In the NBA, chemistry matters more than in any other sport. Can we just state the obvious? Ben Simmons is a great player. Joel Embiid is also a great player. They DO NOT work together. It’s just the truth. For as talented as the 76ers are, they will never win a title because this duo just doesn’t work.

I saw this clip today from The Ringer. It is 100 percent true. Ryen Russillo describes Philly’s deficiencies. He takes more of a Brett Brown angle to it but it still rings true.

Can we walk through that information again? Joel Embiid took 493 shots outside the paint last year and converted an effective field goal percentage of 41 percent. That ranked 210th out of 218 qualified players. Brett Brown deserves blame there. No doubt. He needs to be more creative with the way he coaches the offense. However, I think it shows a larger issue. Brown doesn’t know how to use Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid together because they don’t work together. Embiid would work better in the post, but Simmons already clogs the lane. Where is the solution?

I don’t buy the 76ers this year. I really don’t. Earlier this year, I wrote a column that was named “The 76ers are too big to succeed“. I absolutely believe it to be true. The 76ers already have a weird dynamic where Embiid is forced outside the paint too often. Ben Simmons already clogs up the lane because he can’t shoot. That forces Embiid on the outside where he tries that goofy up fake far too often.

That move only works so often. Especially over a 7 game series when teams have extra time to prepare. Now you add Al Horford to the mix. ANOTHER BIG GUY! Yes, Horford can shoot but he’s really a playmaker for an offense. The Ball is in Simmons’ hands. Embiid’s role is already mysterious as it is. Tell what Horford does? I know what he can’t do. Horford is slow, aging, and can’t rebound a lick. In fact, he’s really not valuable at all unless he’s scoring. How he scores in this offense? I have no idea.

This 76ers team is thin with huge questions about how all the parts fit. Zach Lowe of ESPN named the 76ers as his must watch of the year. WHY? What’s fascinating about them? Tobias Harris is your go to scorer? SNOOZEFEST! At least last year, they had Jimmy Butler to close. Who’s the guy that is doing that this year? Joel Embiid gets gassed late in games as it is. Al Horford is infuriating to watch. He’s the softest big guy in the league. Last year the 76ers ranked 24th in the NBA in turnover percentage. Philly also ranked 28th in the NBA in forcing turnovers. That was with Jimmy Butler. Tell me what’s exciting about them? I don’t even get the JJ Redick dribble handoffs anymore.

I think the 76ers are in big trouble. The number one reason is because Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid don’t work together. Ben Simmons can’t shoot at all and Joel Embiid isn’t an efficient long range shooter. In the modern NBA, you can’t have two guys on the floor like that together. At some point, Philadelphia will have to choose between the two. One has to go.