Yankee Bias
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The New York Yankees bias has been known to happen when Yankees are up for some big MLB awards. This year it’s evident with Gio Urshela not winning Gold Glove at third base.

The Yankees Bias Already has Two Victims This Year

DJ LeMahieu is up for MVP, and Clint Frazier for Gold Glove. Frazier already lost, and I don’t expect DJ to win MVP. However, the award I was sure of winning was Urshela for Gold Glove. But, the writers again refuse to give a Yankee anything.

Before I delve into bashing Manfred and the baseball writers, I want to give Clint props for even being a finalist for Gold Glove. That was a big issue with; fielding. The work he put in to improve is incredible.

And Stupid Rob Manfred, also known as the worst commissioner in major American sports, always pulls stupid stunts. Did anyone even know the Gold Glove Awards was on Tuesday night? I almost completely forgot. Why is that? Oh, well, Manfred and his peanut-sized brain decided to go up against the United States Presidental Election.

My God, how incompetent can you be? Honestly, who heard Manfred make the award schedule in their right mind and thought that was a good idea? But, let me not get too far ahead of myself. I could write a whole other post about all the dumb crap Manfred does, and I will.

A Walk Down Travesty Lane

Back to the Yankees bias, there was another instance when Aaron Judge was up for MVP in 2017 and got beat out by the trash can banging Jose Altuve. First, not only was that just a flat out wrong decision, not just because Altuve is a cheater. But, also because Judge leads him in RBIs and Home Runs by a boatload. The only thing Altuve had on Judge was batting average.

Let us not forget what these so-called writers did to Miguel Andujar. Andujar had a great rookie campaign. He was hitting 297. with 97 RBI’s and 27 Home runs; did he win Rookie of the Year with those numbers? No, Shoei Ohtani won for what because he can pitch and hit. The guy is a decent pitcher at best, and his hitting isn’t that great. Highway robbery again because Andujar is a Yankee.

Yankees Bias 2020 Was in Prime Form This Year

Then, we come to 2020, where multiple Yankees are up for awards. Now I was not expecting DJ or Clint to win their respective nominations. However, Gio I was expecting. Gio has played one of the best defensive hot corners I’ve ever seen. And not only this year but last year as well when he took Miquel Andujar’s position.

Remarkably, Isiah Kiner-Falefa won the Gold Glove. Gio time after time this season and last not only played the best defense in baseball. But, always bailed the Yankees out with his glove in big spots.

Look at that play! Down one run in a playoff game, Gio magically turns a hot shot that breeze past most players into an inning-ending double play. The man is a wizard with the glove. Not winning Gold Glove is a travesty and should be investigated immediately.

Gio is a great third baseman, Judge should’ve won MVP that year, and Andujar definitely should’ve won Rookie of the Year. The Yankee bias is real, and it’s in effect. We cannot turn a blind eye to the robbery anymore. It must be stopped.


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