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WWE Monday Night RAW (10/24/22): Results and Review


Credit – USA Network

WWE Monday Night RAW (10/24/22): Results and Review

Opening Segment – The Judgment Day promo

This week’s episode of WWE Monday Night RAW was kicked off by The Judgement Day. It is pretty safe to say Rhea Ripley is the unquestioned leader of group and she has been owning it. Ripley has been delivering some of her best work of late and she has still yet to wrestle on the WWE main roster as a member of the faction. During the promo, they were interrupted by The OC. After a good back-and-forth promo, Karl Anderson challenged Finn Balor to a match.

Finn Balor vs. Karl Anderson

This was a real solid match. The commentators made it a point to mention the past between these two men as former teammates in NJPW. Eventually, Ripley managed to hit Anderson with a low blow while the referee was distracted. This allowed Balor to pick up the win.

Match Highlights:

  • Anderson hit Finn with a running powerbomb that looked stiff as hell.
  • Anderson hit a neck breaker from the second rope.

The Miz vs. R-Truth

Before this match, we got a backstage segment between The Miz and Johnny Gargano. Gargano claims to know the reason Dexter Lumis is targeting The Miz and he says The Miz needs to tell the people why. The Miz excitingly enters the ring to explain the reason. He says it is because Lumis is jealous of The Miz’s “prodigy”: Tommaso Ciampa. Gargano comes to the ring and lets the crowd know Ciampa is fine, and he is out with an injury. He demands The Miz tells the truth. At that moment, the Charlotte, North Carolina, native and WWE legend R-Truth entered. This eventually sparked a match between the two.

I miss R-Truth! He is hilarious and it was great to see him back on television. He managed to pick up the win via roll up after the Miz was distracted by who he thought was Lumis. It turned out to just be Gargano.

Candice LeRae backstage interview

Here we saw LeRae begin an interview until she was quickly interrupted by Damage CTRL. After an exchange of words, Damage CTRL attacked LeRae. It was made to seem as if LeRae was injured in the attack.

Mustafa Ali vs. Austin Theory

The WWE United States Champion, Seth Rollins, joined the commentary team for this match. This was a really solid match between two wrestlers with great chemistry. It is so great to see Ali on WWE television. Monday Night RAW needs Ali. I think he is going to make the most of this push and show he is here to stay. Austin Theory managed to pick up the win here due to a Rollins distraction.

After the match, Rollins began unmercifully attacking Ali. He left him battered in the stands before leaving up the ramp. But before he could exit, Ali came out of nowhere to keep the fight going. The eventual Ali and Rollins match is going to be spectacular.

Match Highlights:

  • Ali’s new ring gear is very dope.
  • Theory reversed a tornado DDT into a brain buster, and it was awesome.

Omos vs. Local Jobbers

In what is usually a 2-on-1 handicap match, this week we saw Omos take on four local jobbers. MVP delivered a promo before the match. This is just going to keep happening until WWE Crown Jewel at least. Omos destroyed the four men. Braun vs. Omos is a WWE spectacle match, and it has been put off for far too long. I am happy we are getting it, so we can get past it. Next week’s RAW may be the last Omos match for a bit.

Elias vs. Chad Gable

This match was set up by a backstage segment earlier in the night. It is good to see Elias doing well since his return to TV. The crowd is behind him, and he seems more comfortable in his character than ever before. He picked up a clean victory here. After the match, Otis attacked Elias. Alpha Academy was laying into him before Matt Riddle came out to make the save. It seems Elias and Riddle are going to continue to work with each other.

Match Highlights:

  • Gable hit some sort of DDT supplex variant that looked sick
  • Elias countered Gable’s moonsault with a knee that was executed perfectly

Before the next commercial, we got a funny backstage clip of The OC. Anderson was icing his package as they discussed that they have a “Rhea problem.” Gallows insisted he is the best with women, and he can take care of it. AJ Styles makes sure to remind him that Ripley body slammed him earlier in the night. This was a funny segment. The OC seems a lot more comfortable for their run this time around. I am excited for their match with The Judgement Day at WWE Crown Jewel.

Baron Corbin vs. Johnny Gargano

This match was set up during a backstage segment a little bit earlier in the night. JBL should have been managing for years honestly. He is so good on the mic and knows how to get heat unlike anyone. He introduced Baron Corbin and then joined commentary while Gargano was entering the ring for the match. It was a solid back-and-forth match that saw Corbin pick up the victory because of shenanigans by JBL. I really didn’t love how they made it seem like Gargano winning would have been such an upset.

Match Highlights:

  • Gargano stole JBL’s hat which was funny.
  • JBL and Corbin has real potential.
  • End of Days is one of the best finishers in wrestling I do not care what anyone says, it looks so cool.

Bayley vs. Bianca Belair

In the main event of WWE Monday Night RAW we saw Bayley take on the WWE RAW Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair. This was a non-title match which left the outcome pretty predictable. After a solid back-and-forth display, Nikki Kross appeared out of nowhere. She was not Nikki ASH. She took out Damage CTRL and the referee. This cost Belair the match. Bayley ended up getting the victory, but Kross attacked her after the match.

This leaves us with a lot of questions. Bayley pinned the WWE RAW Women’s Champion so one would believe she wants a title shot. With Nikki Kross coming back into the mix it seems that may not be so easy.

Match Highlights:

  • Bayley has looked locked in since her loss at WWE Extreme Rules.
  • Nikki Kross returning to her old gimmick is amazing for everyone involve.
  • Bianca Belair hit a Bayley to Belly during the match.



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