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Woj Needs to Stop Ruining the NBA Draft

Another NBA Draft has come and gone, and one thing needs to be made clear: ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski needs to stop ruining picks by tweeting them out beforehand. Not only does it take the fun out of the draft for the average fan, his desire to be first over anything else resulted in some completely incorrect information being put on Twitter. Woj is usually quite good at his job, but NBA Draft night would be a good night for him to just turn his phone off.

The Latest Woj Disaster Started Before the 2021 NBA Draft

It all went downhill before the 2021 NBA Draft had even started. Woj tweeted out completely incorrect trade details for the Russell Westbrook trade to the Lakers. Woj posted the details for the Buddy Hield deal that never actually happened while Shams Charania of The Athletic had the correct info up at the same time. Of course, Woj then had to tweet again to cover himself for being completely off base with what trade was actually going down. “No guys, really, this trade almost happened, I swear.” Nobody cares if you’re first and wrong.

2021 NBA Draft

Then we get to the main course: Woj ruining draft picks before they are announced by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. This has never made sense to me whatsoever. He’s literally spoiling something that fans are going to find out in the next 30 seconds. What’s the point? All it does is take away the suspense of the draft for anyone who happens to check Twitter. Even NBA players themselves hate it:

Checking social media during the draft is fun because you get to see how your fellow fans are reacting to picks. If a Woj Tweet happens across the timeline, it completely breaks the suspense. The NBA Draft broadcast was already pretty bad – this kind of thing makes the whole experience worse.

Shams Ran Circles Around Woj

There were a couple other trades at some point in the draft that Woj got the details wrong for while Shams got it right. Again, the ESPN guy had to tell everyone why he wasn’t technically incorrect.

“To clarify, I was completely wrong the first time.” Shams was running circles around Woj all night long. Again, somebody needs to tell Woj that nobody cares that he reports it first if he’s going to be completely wrong about the details.

To be clear, I don’t think Shams should ruin the picks either, but Woj was especially egregious given that he wasn’t even getting some of his spoilers right. Let fans enjoy the draft. Stop ruining the fun.


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