TJ Hockenson
(Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

Will TJ Hockenson Become Irrelevant Now That Kenny Golladay Is Gone?

I hit a nerve with Garrett in a group chat because I said that Jared Goff has no one to throw to, and he quickly pointed out that I forgot TJ Hockenson. In all honesty, I did forget Hockenson, but after thinking about it, who cares? Hockenson is not going to carry this offense.

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Do not forget the Matthew Stafford–Jared Goff trade either. Jared Goff fucking sucks, and while Hockenson was statistically a top 5 fantasy TE last year with Matthew Stafford and Kenny Golladay in the offense, the Lions have massively downgraded at QB and literally have no established WR.

Some would argue that this only increases Hockenson’s fantasy value, but he is now stuck in a system as a good TE with no WRs. Any credible defensive coordinator will throw a linebacker and safety at TJ Hockenson the whole game and if that happens, he will not even be a top 10 fantasy TE.

In my original article, I was really only talking about the WRs. To Garrett’s credit, Hockenson is there, but he is not going to carry this offense and I think his production will dip because of the lack of weapons around him to provide pressure elsewhere and the team’s deterioration at QB.

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