Fan Interference needs to stop
(Nick Wass/AP Photo)

The NBA Must Step In After Multiple Occurrences Of Fans Overstepping Boundaries

Since the start of the 2021 NBA Playoffs, some fans have taken their usual rowdiness too far. It all started in Game 2 of the Wizards-76ers series when Russell Westbrook had popcorn dumped on him.

Credit: NBC Sports

The fan interference did not stop there. In the next 5 days, the following happened: Trae Young got spit on by a fan, Immanuel Quickley had beer thrown at him, Kyrie Irving had a water bottle hurled at him, a fan ran on the court at the Wizards game, and it was revealed that Ja Morant’s family was harassed in Utah.

The home teams in each of these situations handled them well. Morant’s family was given a place to stay, rides to the arena, and courtside seats all free of charge as a result of what happened, and the Knicks, Wizards, and Celtics all banned the fans who were stupid enough to do what they did.

Possible Explanation

There are two different ways to look at all of this. The first is that this can all be a result of fans just being extremely excited to be able to attend playoff games, something they have not been able to do in 2 years.

The other is that this is a dangerous pattern, where fans get way too into games and they feel the need to get involved. If this is really the case, then the NBA needs to start implementing very strict rules against such practices.

How They Can Stop This Either Way

The NBA can effectively kill large-scale fan interference by guaranteeing that anyone who does it will get prosecuted to the fullest extent. These fans are not thinking clearly and they make stupid decisions, but by allowing fans to understand the consequences of interfering with the game or anyone involved with it beforehand, they might take the rules more seriously.

People need to understand that the players are human beings with real feelings. They are not out there for your entertainment, and fans have no right to physically harm them. Chant “fuck you!”, heckle them, do whatever you have to do, but do not throw shit at them. Get better, NBA fans, and stop treating the ability to watch games in person as a right instead of a privilege.

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