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Tyler Huntley
(Nick Wass, Associated Press)

Will A Team Take A Shot On Tyler Huntley As An NFL Starting QB?

Tyler Huntley
Will a team take a shot on Tyler Huntley as their next starting quarterback? Huntley isn’t being talked about but maybe he should be? (Nick Wass, Associated Press)

Will A Team Take A Shot On Tyler Huntley As An NFL Starting QB?

The 2021-22 NFL season is over after the Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl. As we enter the offseason, several teams are searching for their next starting quarterback. One of the most under-the-radar options that could be available is Ravens back up signal caller, Tyler Huntley. It’s a name that nobody is really talking about right now, but maybe they should be.

Will any team take a shot on Tyler Huntley to become their next starting quarterback? Maybe? Huntley is in a weird spot entering the offseason as an exclusive rights free agent. Baltimore essentially has full control of Huntley’s next contract. Of course, with Lamar Jackson on the roster, the Ravens will likely be amenable to dealing Huntley should the assets in return be satisfactory.

Both things can be true. Huntley can be better than Lamar and still not good enough for someone to invest in seriously as a long term sustainable franchise quarterback. Huntley had a higher completion percentage and lower interception rate than Jackson this past year. Nobody wants to acknowledge that but it’s true.

Huntley didn’t play bad for Baltimore in relief of Lamar. You really didn’t notice that Lamar wasn’t there. Sure, Huntley had a 3-4 TD to INT ratio but the offense didn’t really suffer. Huntley put up 30 on the Packers and suffered a one point loss to the eventual champion Rams. He looked like he belonged.

We know the truth. I’m not sure it matters who Greg Roman puts at quarterback. As long as the athletic traits are there, he’s going to get production. Tyrod Taylor made the playoffs with Roman in Buffalo. Colin Kaepernick made the Super Bowl with Roman. You get the point.

What’s the price point here for the Ravens? The clock is ticking on that Lamar Jackson extension. The second he gets paid, the luxury of having Huntley goes away. The Ravens’ new regime under Eric DeCosta doesn’t deserve much credit. Then again, they’re usually smart enough to pull the trigger on a trade like this flipping an asset they got for free signing Huntley as a undrafted free agent three years ago.

What kind of contract is Huntley demanding? Does a team want to buck up draft picks for Huntley when he’s probably not the long term answer? Maybe it doesn’t matter because functional quarterbacks always get traded. Huntley does have some talent. He was a big sleeper of mine for years.

Could the Packers become an answer to serve as competition for Jordan Love should Aaron Rodgers depart Green Bay? Ditto for Daniel Jones if they feel as if they don’t feel comfortable picking a quarterback in the first round? Remember, the shaky nature of this upcoming quarterback class in the 2022 NFL Draft is only helping Huntley’s case.

Huntley is an important domino to fall. Mostly from a fantasy perspective because the former Utah quarterback can run a little. He’s going to pick up yardage with his legs. You won’t have to worry about that element with Huntley. He’s not Lamar on the ground but he gets the job done.

The offseason is here and the Ravens have a decision to make on Tyler Huntley. Bringing him back on a tender as Lamar insurance doesn’t feel like a wise choice. Especially when the world knows there really isn’t a difference between Lamar and Huntley.


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