Deshaun Watson Trade
Will the Eagles pull off a trade for Deshaun Watson? While we wait for the legal details, Philadelphia feels like a stealth suitor to land Watson. (Karen Warren, Houston Chronicle)

Will The Eagles Pull Off A Trade For Deshaun Watson?

Before I begin this blog, let me be clear, I don’t know what’s going to happen with Deshaun Watson and his legal case. Maybe he gets suspended. Maybe he doesn’t. I don’t know. I’m just going to speak from a pure football standpoint and adjust when we have the details from the case.

The truth of the matter is, while these legal proceedings are happening, teams are adapting and moving on. Carolina traded for Sam Darnold. San Francisco moved a bounty of picks to move up in the draft. The Jets are locked in on Zach Wilson. The Colts made a move for Carson Wentz. The number of teams that need a quarterback is dwindling.

It’s hard to envision Watson putting on a Texans uniform again. That situation has become toxic. Watson has already said he would rather sit out than play for Houston. That’s going to need to be resolved and we’re running out of time before the season starts. Additionally, there are no clear suitors that need a quarterback.

There’s only one team that has a clear hole at quarterback with the resources to acquire a big fish like Watson. That’s the Philadelphia Eagles. Anybody with a brain knows that Jalen Hurts can’t play. It’s hilarious that anybody would even consider him a legitimate starting quarterback. Hurts doesn’t have the ability to play fast, has piss poor accuracy, and often times fails to keep his eye level up choosing to take off and run instead. The whole thing is a joke.

Philadelphia stinks but Howie Roseman is quietly collecting a stash of picks to move in a potential Watson trade. There’s not another team in the league with a clear quarterback need and the draft ammo in house. Philadelphia is scheduled to have three first round picks next year. One from Indianapolis in the Carson Wentz deal. Another one is on the way from Miami in the trade down in this year’s draft.

Side Note: For the record, Jalen Hurts is from Houston Texas. Just saying.

There isn’t a better offer out there that exists for the Texans. Three first round picks and a couple throw ins to complete the deal. Nobody else out there exists with a combo of clear quarterback need and draft ammo to make a deal happen. The legal issues on Watson from a football perspective has helped whip out multiple suitors. Howie Roseman might pull off the heist. Don’t put it past him. He’s been aggressive landing quarterbacks in the past.

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