Why Haven't The Broncos Won A Game Yet
Why Haven’t The Broncos Won A Game Yet? Will They Get A Win? (Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post)

As animals prepare to hibernate for the long winter ahead, it appears as though the Denver Broncos have beaten everyone to the punch. Why haven’t the Broncos won a game yet? Will they win a game? Denver, losers of their first three games of the season, appears lost without star player Von Miller. But the loss of one defensive player should not equate to playing this terrible. 

With Miller out for the season following ankle surgery, it’s one reason why they have not won a game yet. Not trying to doubt the Broncos, but they need Miller; he’s a major defensive threat for the opposing teams.  The Broncos still have a solid defense, but their offense hasn’t really been doing the work that they need too to show some kind of threat.

 Besides Miller being out with an ankle injury, the team has added stress with quarterback Drew Lock suffering a right shoulder injury. Lock is questionable to return after the hard hit he took on his shoulder. So, where does that leave the Broncos? 

No one predicted that the Broncos would make it all the way this year; however, there were some predictions that they would haven’t at least earned a spot in the playoffs. But that’s highly unlikely at this point, as their two most important players are out due to injury. There’s still a long season ahead who’s to say things won’t turn around for them. Improbable but we will see. 

A lot of people are saying that the Broncos need a new coach. It’s still too soon in the season to determine. But the Broncos need to win one soon for their hometown and fans. Maybe their top players will be back shortly. If not, the coach might want to start looking for a new job.