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2024 NFL Mock Draft: Vendetta Blogger Edition

NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft

2024 NFL Mock Draft: Vendetta Blogger Edition

Welcome back to another edition of one of my favorite mock draft traditions of the year. It’s the 2024 NFL Mock Draft: Vendetta Blogger Edition. This year, in a more efficient manner, we have 4 bloggers from Vendetta Sports Media who will be the GMs of certain NFL teams and do what they think is best for that team in this draft. To reiterate: This isn’t what we think would happen. This is what this certain blogger would do if they were the GM of that team. Time and time again, we have shown that we can be smarter than these GMs in the NFL. Participating this year are the following: the workhorse James Herrick, Garrett Burroughs with the shoulder hair, the beloved Chickster, and the Don Trey Daubert. Enough foreplay, let’s get into this NFL mock draft.

Christopher Carter, do you like my pink headphones you bum? Sorry, had to get that piece in there. Here is the NFL Draft order and the GM in charge of those teams. It’s only a first-round mock but, it still was a blast to do.

  • 1. Chicago Bears (Trey)
  • 2. Washington Commanders (Chickster)
  • 3. New England Patriots (James Herrick)
  • 4. Arizona Cardinals (Garrett)
  • 5. Los Angeles Chargers (Trey)
  • 6. New York Giants (Chickster)
  • 7. Tennessee Titans (James Herrick)
  • 8. Atlanta Falcons (Garrett)
  • 9. Chicago Bears (Trey)
  • 10. New York Jets (Chickster)
  • 11. Minnesota Vikings (James Herrick)
  • 12. Denver Broncos (Garrett)
  • 13. Las Vegas Raiders (Chickster)
  • 14. New Orleans Saints (Trey)
  • 15. Indianapolis Colts (Chickster)
  • 16. Seattle Seahawks (James Herrick)
  • 17. Jacksonville Jaguars (Garrett)
  • 18. Cincinnati Bengals (Trey)
  • 19. Los Angeles Rams (Chickster)
  • 20. Pittsburgh Steelers (Garrett)
  • 21. Miami Dolphins (James Herrick)
  • 22. Philadelphia Eagles (Trey)
  • 23. Minnesota Vikings (James Herrick)
  • 24. Dallas Cowboys (Chickster)
  • 25. Green Bay Packers (Garrett)
  • 26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Trey)
  • 27. Arizona Cardinals (Garrett)
  • 28. Buffalo Bills (Chickster)
  • 29. Detroit Lions (James Herrick)
  • 30. Baltimore Ravens (Trey)
  • 31. San Francisco 49ers (James Herrick)
  • 32. Kansas City Chiefs (Garrett)

In a more condensed view, here are the teams that each GM had if this way tickles your fancy:

  • Trey (Bears, Chargers, Saints, Bengals, Eagles, Bucs, Ravens)
  • Chickster (Commanders, Giants, Jets, Raiders, Colts, Rams, Cowboys, Bills)
  • James Herrick (Patriots, Titans, Vikings, Seahawks, Dolphins, Lions, 49ers)
  • Garrett (Cardinals, Falcons, Broncos, Jaguars, Steelers, Packers, Chiefs)

TRADES ARE LIVE. There are active trade negotiations in this NFL Mock draft. Some trades are great for the team and you’ll see that here. If you’re looking for the results in the post, they won’t be here. You have to watch the video to find out the picks. Tell us how we did in the comments of this post or on the YouTube video. Just remember, we’re smarter than you though.

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