Jeff Nadu Quits Barsool
(via Barstool Sports)

Why Did Jeff Nadu Quit Barstool?

Jeff Nadu quit his position at Barstool Sports this week. He announced he was leaving the company, but it seemed like his job was in danger for the last few months, and was not included in any of the companies events in his final days. Here are my theories:

Rico Bosco Finally Got to Him

Rico and Nadu rivalry pre dates Nadu even starting with the company. Rico has been in the mix at Barstool for many years, first as a no faced caller, then a host on a college football gambling podcast Barstool Pick Em before he was even on the pay roll at Barstool. Rico has some weird issue with Barstool bringing in any new gambling hires and Nadu was no different.

Nadu made multiple attempts to create content with Bosco, all of which Bosco turned down saying he would not ever work with that “skell”

Dave Portnoy Wouldn’t Renew His Contract

Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports and Chief of Content made the decision that Nadu wasn’t worth the money anymore. Nadu is a Philly guy, which is where Barstool Sportsbook made its first launch into the gambling space, so he could have just been another vehicle to promote the app.

He Didn’t Travel to Any Events

Nadu’s name was floated around to possibly go to Michigan for the Super Bowl and be in a live betting competition with other gamblers at the company. Once Rico Bosco heard that, he made a call to Portnoy and said he would go instead. Rico and Nadu are never in the same room together, and Bosco has the bigger following and is just an overall more entertaining guy. Rico went, leaving Nadu at home to watch the game by himself, and that could have been the final straw for Nadu.

TL//DR: Some theories as to why Jeff Nadu could have quit his job at Barstool Sports