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When will Hockey Guy Trey get the respect he deserves. Apparently, there is a Big 3 of hockey analysts at the company and I’m not one of them.

When Will Hockey Guy Trey Get The Respect He Deserves?

Xander Bogaerts, Josh Allen, Kevin Durant, and Hockey Guy Trey. What do they all have in common? All of whom are elite at their craft but get no respect. It’s time we change that. This is a call to action. When will Hockey Guy Trey get the respect he deserves?

Story time:

In our company Slack chat, the topic of starting a hockey podcast on the network was brought up. Probably a good idea. Something that surely should be considered. However, the way Scott Logush brought up to topic was a direct slap in the face towards HGT.

Hockey Guy Trey

Now Hockey Guy Trey may have entered the season as a dummy but he surely didn’t finish it as one. This hockey brain is becoming smarter and smarter by the day. In his first year of existence, HGT won the fantasy hockey league. I think that takes talent. Keep in mind, it was a league in which Scott and Gavin both participated in.

HGT has had some great calls this year. Mika Zibanejad was overrated. Check. Sergei Bobrovsky sucks. Also, check. First member of the Jason Robertson and Joel Farabee fan club? Also, check. To not include HGT as one of the best hockey brains at his own company is as insulting as it gets.

I know Scott is upset about his piss poor Leafs and getting dominated in fantasy but that’s no excuse to take the frustration out on Trey. Keep in mind Trey was also the only person to pick the Canadiens to advance. HMMM.

This is more concerning than the coronavirus. I got my vaccine. Zero side effects. Respect? Got none of it. It’s a god damn shame. HGT used to love the sport as a kid. I was untouchable at the NHL Hitz video game. Now that I’m back in the mix, just watch out. This brain isn’t going to stop growing.

Maybe I shouldn’t be offended. The NHL team probably puts out the best set of content when excluded from the equation. Young Andrew is excellent at his craft. Emma won best brain at the company for a reason. Gavin is my cup of tea. He talks shit and is funny AF.

The hockey team we have is excellent. It’s just time to be recognized as part of it. If I don’t bring it up who will? Apparently a fantasy championship wasn’t enough. It’s Big 4, Scott until further notice.