Nick Chubb
When will Nick Chubb get the respect he deserves? When will the Saquon Barkley fans acknowledge Chubb is better?

Nick Chubb has become the NFL’s version of Rodney Dangerfield. The man just gets absolutely no respect. While NFL fans have been lied to and continue to fawn over Saquon Barkley, over and over again Nick Chubb continues to prove he’s better. When will someone start to acknowledge it?

Does anybody realize what Chubb is doing right now? The former 2nd round pick from Georgia is averaging 6.3 yards per carry on the season. That’s not even human. The NFL record for a season is 6.4 and that was by Jim Brown back when the dinosaurs were around. Barry Sanders and OJ Simpson are the only other players in NFL history to even eclipse the six yard per carry mark in a season.

Sure, Chubb missed some time with a knee injury but when he’s been on the field, nobody has been more dominant other than maybe Dalvin Cook. Through seven games, Chubb has 719 yards on 115 carries.

Chubb isn’t just thriving, he’s killing it in CLEVELAND. You name him, that player has more often than not died in Cleveland. Nobody thrives with the Browns. The ground attack with the Browns is single handily keeping them in the playoff hunt. In games that Chubb has played, the Browns are 6-1.

The dude is just on another level. Chubb is as good as it gets at the position.

  • Yards per carry – 1st (6.3)
  • True yards per carry – 1st (5.6)
  • Breakaway run rate – 1st (9.6%)
  • Juke Rate – 1st (41.3%)
  • Yards created per touch – 1st (3.79)

It’s not even a comparison with Chubb and Saquon Barkley. I don’t want to hear it anymore. Chubb is among the best of the best at the position and arguably THE best. Any list that has Barkley ahead of Chubb can just be disregarded at this point. That argument is dead.