The 2003-04 Invincibles. Clive Mason/Getty Images

Arsenal removed the ‘L’ from their twitter profile to commemorate the invincible team of 2003-04 who went undefeated for the whole Premier League campaign. Players such as Patrick Vieira, Robert Pires and Dennis Bergkamp led the Gunners on a magical adventure with 26 wins 12 draws and 0 defeats as they won the title by a comfortable eleven points from second-place Chelsea.

The feat achieved has never been matched since and with Watford’s 3-0 win over Liverpool on February 29th it will extend by at least another year. The removal of the letter is (apparently) to signify they never took a loss, but what other letters could the London club possibly remove!?!

A – Aubameyang. It is thought Aubameyang will not sign a new contract with the London club. Expiring in 2021, Arsenal may decide to cash in now on a striker who has consistently scored goals despite the team underperforming and Real Madrid seem to be circling. Maybe when he leaves they can remove the letter ‘A’ to mourn his loss.

S – Sixteen. This would signify the number of years it’s been since their last Premier League title, which just so happened to be that 2003-04 season. It could also signify Bukayo Saka, the talented left-back, whose contract is up next season. Saka has impressed many, including Liverpool, and is stalling on a new contract. To lose a player is one thing (see Aubameyang above) but to lose them to a Premier League rival!?! That would hurt!

E – European. European football is a pipe dream for the Gunners this year, as Mikel Arteta’s men currently sit 10th in the League. Maybe they can remove the ‘E’ to signify their lack of European football in the near future.

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That only leaves ‘R’ and ‘N’ which could stand for what Arsenal’s future is turning into… a Real Nightmare.