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Bronny Sucks

(Harry How/Getty Images)

What If Bronny James Sucks?

Bronny Sucks
Is nobody going to talk about the elephant in the room? What if Bronny James sucks and has no real future in the NBA? What happens then? (Harry How/Getty Images)

What If Bronny James Sucks?

LeBron James has made it quite clear that he plans to finish his NBA career with his son Bronny. Well, that was before he said he wants to play with the Lakers as long as possible. Oh, don’t forget about the existing threats he made to the Lakers because he decided he wanted Russell Westbrook and refused to take accountability for his actions.

Long story short; You’re better off without LeBron than with him at this point. The headache of LeBron isn’t worth him destroying your roster for him to carry your team to a 9 seed in the West. LeBron is only going to become more toxic when his son enters the league.

Nobody is really talking about what could be a real possibility. What if Bronny sucks? Are we just going to forget about the elephant in the room?

You can’t find his high school stats anywhere. I tried to look for a long time. Apparently, that’s intentional because they don’t want that information getting out. Additionally, Bronny has dropped from a five star, to a four-star this year. Things can change quickly and Bronny is still a kid. As of right now, he’s viewed as a shaky second round pick. To the point where talk around the league is are you okay with burning a second round pick to secure LeBron?

“I don’t know. I don’t know. It depends on the circumstances and how good Bronny is. Would I just burn (a second-round pick) just to burn it? Probably not. And again, we’ll have this guy named Luka (Doncic) who is really, really good. And so it would really depend on the team that we have around him.”

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Again, it’s way too early to call but the last time LeBron banged the table for an NBA prospect, Shabazz Napier got taken by the Heat in the first round in 2014. Napier has done basically nothing in the NBA.

We also know how NBA teams operate. They get desperate. LeBron sells tickets even if you don’t want him on your team a few years from now. You’re telling me the Pelicans aren’t pulling the trigger on Bronny in the top 10 of the draft? They’re in danger of losing their team. I would have used the Pistons as the example but we already know Chickster says they get all the max free agents.

It’s hard not to feel 1% bad for the kid. The possibility that Bronny sucks and has no real NBA future beyond whatever Giannis’ brothers do is a real possibility. The only difference is, Giannis isn’t an asshole. LeBron is and likes to make everything about himself even if it causes detriment to others.

How crazy is this thing going to get? If LeBron is still productive, that’s when things get tricky. We saw what the Clippers gave up for Paul George just because it was the thing to do. Remember; it wasn’t just trading for George. It was trading for Leonard and George.

Do the Sacramento Kings trade four first round picks to secure Bronny? We could easily enter a situation where LeBron tries to join a team that wants to draft his son but they don’t have the requisite cap space to fit LeBron without a sign and trade. What then?

LeBron has gotten teams to do a lot of dumb things. Who knows? Maybe his kid is a stud. But… maybe he stinks. I’m just here for the chaos because we know it’s coming. There are just more of them to laugh at LeBron about as time goes on.

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