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Does Anybody Fear LeBron James Anymore?


(Ashley Landis/Associated Press)

Does anybody fear LeBron James at this point? We’re officially at a point where you are better off without LeBron than with him. (Ashley Landis/Associated Press)

Does Anybody Fear LeBron James Anymore?

LeClown. LeBitch. LeBum. LeLoser. Call LeBron James whatever you want at this point. Does anybody take that guy seriously anymore? Does anybody fear LeLunatic at this point? The answer should be a resounding no.

The NBA doesn’t go through LeBron anymore. Nor should it have ever. LeBron might be the greatest naturally gifted athlete the world has ever seen. He sure as hell isn’t the best basketball player the world has ever seen.

These two things are undeniable at this point:

A: LeBron is a shitty teammate and makes everybody around him worse.

B: LeBron doesn’t have a single clue how to build a roster and destroys everything he lays his hands on.

LeBron has a lot of money. Probably more money than I’ll ever have. He also might be a raging idiot with the IQ of a rock that just got lucky DNA wise. Prior to the 2022 NBA All-Star Game, LeBron basically conceded the season. He also had maybe the dumbest comments of all time further cementing the point of if we should question whether or not the guy has an ounce of intelligence.

This actually happened. LeBron praised Sam Presti for hoarding draft picks and nailing a lot of them. He then praised Les Snead 23 seconds later for trading all of his draft picks for ready to win now guys.

Everyone does get how bat shit insane that is, right? Keep in mind, this is also coming from the guy who traded everything for Russell Westbrook and then somehow blamed the front office for not making a trade at the deadline after LeBron already killed any chance they had to win.

Back in the day, teams just caved to LeBron. They knew he was ruining their franchise, but it was worth it because the guy was just more naturally gifted than everyone else and it probably came with a title. Now? What’s the point?

The Lakers didn’t make a trade at the 2022 NBA Trade Deadline for a reason. Jeanie Buss essentially told LeBron to go fuck himself and clean up his own mess. Exactly the thing that every team should have told this guy from the past decade.

The fear thing has never been something I even understand. Does anybody cry more than LeBron when things don’t go his way? Guy loves to pull out casts when his team is down and out. Do we remember a playing quitting more in an NBA Finals setting than LeBron?

The sad truth is LeBron is a raging Puta. I’d fight the guy yesterday and he has a foot and about 100 pounds on me. I guarantee I could kick his ass at least once in ten tries. Cause if he wins, we’re fighting tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. That’s the difference between LeBron and someone with heart. He rolls over and cries.

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