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Baseball Back
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We’re So Happy To Have Baseball Back

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We’re so happy to have baseball back. We can all go back to our glory holes!

We’re So Happy To Have Baseball Back

Every day without you just felt like blue balls. I’m talking about baseball, of course. Every day during the MLB and MLBPA negotiations, fans just wanted their hole of joy back! I just don’t know how the MLB lockout can be described as anything except for this short little video that Lyndon Toe was so generous to create for my sick brain.


To add my two little cents in, I actually like the new rule changes. For the time being, we also avoided what would be a disaster. Nobody wants to see the pitch clock or banning of the shift. If you do, I’d love to debate with you about why you’re wrong. It’s not a battle you will win.

Some of the new rule changes are awesome. Every team plays at least every team once? I’ve been begging for that. I want the Sox to play those bum NL teams more often.

Universal DH? Holy hell… we did it! You would think there would be more urgency to create uniform rules in a sports league. I guess not even Rob Manfred could screw that up.

The other changes make sense. Looks like the International Draft is coming which screws those kids because they’re going to make less money and won’t get to choose where they play anymore. But totally helps small markets so I get it.

I don’t love expanded playoffs. Do love that the Wildcard game bullshit is over. Also like the added wrinkle of a first round bye to stress importance on the regular season. Just don’t love the idea that in a game like baseball, that short layoff could kill a really good team.

Nevertheless, baseball is officially back and we wouldn’t want it any other way. All of us get our glory holes back! What could be better!


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