NFL Street 4
EA needs to bring back the NFL Street series. Imagine how many people would buy an NFL Street 4 game if it were to be released. (EA)

We Need An NFL Street 4 Game

Why did developers stop making certain games? For the life of me I can’t understand it. Could you imagine if EA decided to green light NFL Street 4? The streets would literally run wild. That game couldn’t sell out faster. This is the plea to EA to bring that shit back.

EA is a known joke right now. Madden is the same game every year. The real gamers are not buying it anymore and they’re really only profiting off of the young kids who want to buy packs for ultimate team. Maybe EA can get away with it. I just don’t think it’s sustainable. The more people that bail from Madden, EA will soon realize they’re in more trouble than they realize.

Of course, with college football coming back they’re going to be in better shape. Still, if you want a way to really get the community off your back, drop NFL Street 4. How long could this game possibly take to make? The last game was made in 2006 and I know people still play it today. Even if it were a game that dropped every five years, the sale on that puppy would be enormous.

NFL Street was the best. It was NFL Blitz except way better. A little mix of game breakers from NBA Street. A little run up the wall cheese. A fire but angry soundtrack. Gross hits. A way to progress through the game while creating a character. This game had it ALL.

Update the rosters, create a story mode, and pump that sucker out. I guarantee people would buy it. We all NEED NFL Street 4.