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The Way The Jets Are Handling Haason Reddick Is Embarrassing

Haason Reddick
The way the Jets are handling the Haason Reddick situation is totally embarrassing and it really needs to be talked about. (Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports)

The Way The Jets Are Handling Haason Reddick Is Embarrassing

Can we just be honest about what’s going on with the Jets? Aaron Rodgers is the leader of the organization. Robert Saleh and Joe Douglas are clowns who are along for the ride. All I know is someone needs to talk about this Haason Reddick situation because it perfectly encapsulates how embarrassing the leadership brass is with the Jets.

Let’s retrace our steps from the beginning:

Everybody and their mother knew the Eagles were going to make a play for Bryce Huff. It wasn’t a secret. So much so that I even found out back in January. I warned everyone in the company Slack about it months ago. If I found out about it, then I’m sure most of the teams in the league knew this was going down.

Bryce Huff

The Eagles did exactly what I expected them to do. On the very first day of free agency, Philadelphia signed Huff. Of course, the Jets could have had something to say about it. If Joe Douglas wasn’t a total dope, he would have franchised Huff and made Philadelphia give up a pick for him. By the way, something Philadelphia would have totally done because they REALLY wanted him.

By the way, Philadelphia still needed money to sign Huff. They needed to move out Josh Sweat or Haason Reddick to pave the way for Huff. Don’t worry, the dead brain dope that is Joe Douglas stepped right up to the plate in the most predictable way possible.

Instead of getting a pick for Huff, the Jets turned around and gave Philadelphia a third round pick that can turn into a second if certain conditions are met for Haason Reddick. By the way, a player who wanted a new contract, and would likely going to cause problems in order to obtain a new deal.

In one fell swoop, the Jets took on the Eagles’ problem while giving Philadelphia the player they actually wanted while also losing a valuable draft pick.

It’s classic Jets. Only the Jets would pull off this comedy of errors.

Except it somehow doesn’t stop there. After trading for Reddick, Robert Saleh was stupid enough to admit the Jets had zero contact with the player. They didn’t even speak to the player or agent regarding Reddick’s wish for a new deal being totally blindsided for not doing their due diligence. By the way, Reddick went to school at Temple and lives in the area. The Jets brass couldn’t find the time to simply say hello and check what was going on.

How about this line from Rich Cimini in his latest column for ESPN:

“Jets coach Robert Saleh said he’s had no recent communication with Reddick, who was acquired in a March 29 trade with the Philadelphia Eagles. Saleh declined to say whether Reddick’s absence is contract-related, deferring to general manager Joe Douglas, who typically doesn’t speak to the media during OTAs.”

Unbelievable. No communication. WTF were you doing this whole time? You gave up a third round pick that can become a second for a player you didn’t even bother to check in on? We do get how insane that is, right?

Robert Saleh is a joke of a human. Every time that guy opens his mouth he tells you how dumb he truly is. He’s a cheerleader in every sense of the word and should have been fired a long time ago. This is just another thing to add to the list.

 Reddick, 29, is due to make a non-guaranteed $14.25 million in base pay in the final year of the three-year, $45 million contract. Any contract he’s going to want is going to stretch into his 30’s and the Jets are kinda trapped after giving up a high draft pick for him. Only the Jets would find themselves in this position when they could have extended the younger Huff.

What more is there to say? Joe Douglas is a joke. Robert Saleh is a joke. The way they have handled the Reddick situation is embarrassing on all fronts.

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