Washington Redskins
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Washington Redskins Twitter is usually a pretty dark place. With how the last ten-plus seasons have gone, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Contrastly, the promise of a new name for Washington D.C.’s NFL franchise brought some long-awaited levity to Skins Twitter. Even before the news became official, fans began proposing their ideas for the new team nickname and some even posted their concepts for uniforms and logos. Quickly, two ideas picked up steam within the fan community.

Washington Redtails

This nickname was that given to the Tuskegee Airmen, an African-American unit that fought in WWII. Currently, Washington Redtails is the odds-on favorite to replace the Washington Redskins at 3/1. There are already some really clean mock-ups for the logo and jerseys:

The logos feature a striped wing pattern as well as use of the classic Redskins script “R”. The jerseys created by Chad Fields follow a similar idea and the primaries look much like the current designs. But, the alternates truly make this a solid concept:

Homage to an African-American military unit and maintenance of classic Redskins aesthetics make the Redtails concept a really intriguing idea. I could see many fans getting on board here because these designs present something close to what currently exists.

Washington Redwolves

This is the cult favorite for the new nickname, and I can’t lie – the concepts are fire. The moniker even topped the Redskins’ list as of a couple days ago. The Redwolves movement gained a lot of traction on Twitter leading up to Monday’s announcement. It already has the backing of prominent D.C. sports figures, including QB1 Dwayne Haskins, former Redskin Fred Smoot, and NBA superstar Kevin Durant. Here is the design that garnered all the hype:

Ohhhhhh boy. This edit alone got me on-board for the Washington Redwolves. The re-purposing of the script “R” into a wolf is a brilliant idea. DC Sports Experience followed their design up with a great logo concept:

This logo screams Washington D.C. Most notably, it is reminiscent of both the Washington Capitals logo and the old Washington Senators logo. The howling wolf inspired “Howl To The Redwolves” as opposed to “Hail To The Redskins.” Some fans ran with this imagery and projected what being a Redwolves supporter could look like:

Being tied in the 4th Quarter against Carson Wentz is admittedly a lofty aspiration, but it’s still nice to think about. I don’t think the Redskins can go wrong with either of the two nicknames receiving support from Skins Twitter.

But for what it’s worth, Howl To The Redwolves.


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