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Warzone Changes That Need To Be Made ASAP

Raven Software has done a great job since taking the reins from Activision in updating Call of Duty Warzone. Although I think the integration of Cold War into Warzone was a mistake, it did bring some new aspects and kept people playing the game. Warzone was released in March of 2020, but there are still aspects of this game that need to be changed over a year later.

There Needs To Be An Anti-Cheat

I do not understand how a multibillion-dollar company like Activision has not installed an anti-cheat into this game yet. It has been out for over a year and the hacking has not gotten any better. I can deal with people having wall hacks but being killed by a kid who is hip firing his gun while aiming into the sky is the most frustrating way to die. The newest form of hacking that is sweeping Warzone right now is hackers getting into people’s games and unlocking all gun camos for every player in the lobby. In addition to unlocking all the camos, everyone in the hacked lobby instantly jumps to level 1000. This may sound harmless, but why are people still able to do this shit over a year and a half since the game was released?

Melee Mechanic Needs To Be Fixed

If you have been playing Warzone for a while, you know nothing makes you want to break your controller than getting pistol-whipped to death. If Raven Software is not going to nerf it, it has to at least be consistent. Sometimes you get two punched with a pistol, other times it takes three hits, and do not get me started on the broken lunging mechanic. Watching the kill-cam and seeing your enemy lunge about ten feet only to melee you in the back makes you want to never play the game again. I do not get rewarding someone for dropping in late without a gun and being able to down someone with two hits from a pistol.

Buff The Modern Warfare Guns

Every game has a life cycle and when Cold War was added, it extended the life cycle of Warzone dramatically. The integration brought new guns, new operators, and a fresh look to the overall game. Now we are over six months into the integration and the only viable weapons have become the ones that were added from Cold War. There was nothing better than when you could run around with a Grau and MP5 and take on the entire lobby. I am not saying they need to nerf the Cold War guns into the ground, but I wish there was an open meta where both Modern Warfare and Cold War guns were viable. Nowadays, if you run any guns other than the FARA 83 or Krig 6 as your primary and the Mac-10, Milano, or Cold War MP5 as your secondary, you put yourself at a major disadvantage.

The Verdansk Map Needs To Be Updated

As someone who only plays Rebirth Island, I do not really care if they change the Verdansk map, but besides the update about a month ago where they just made everything look older, I think it is embarrassing that the map has not received any major changes. As I said previously, every game has a life cycle, and it seems like Raven Software and Activision do not care if Warzone has run its course.

Make Rebirth Island A Permanent Playlist

I am not sure why this has not happened yet, but make Rebirth Island a permanent playlist that offers duo, trios, and quads. Like I said earlier, I only play Rebirth Island and there is nothing worse than getting a group of four, logging on, and seeing the only available option for Rebirth is duos. I am not sure why Plunder and Mini Royale were ever added into the game. I honestly do not anyone who plays either of those modes and Rebirth gets more popular every day.

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