Warriors Rookie Kum Bucket
via Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Warriors Rookie Gets Worst Nickname of All Time: Kum Bucket

Sometimes you really think you have heard it all, and when you open Twitter in the dog days of the sports world in August and see something so insane, I had to make sure I shared it with you all. The Golden State Warriors rookie Jonathan Kuminga has been given the nickname, Kum Bucket by some fans on Twitter.

Credit to Zach Schwartz for pointing this out on Twitter.

Love It or Hate It

I mean if I am Kuminga I for sure hate that this was even started, never mind gained some steam, but in a way, this could be parlayed into a win for him. Now that it is out there, you might as well capitalize on the opportunity and sell a few shirts.

It’s All The Fan’s Fault

The best part about Twitter is the ability to fire off quick and witty jokes to an audience of people with similar interests, it is what makes it the best social media in my mind. We all know how sick some people can be online, so that duo can be dangerous and it leads to a pretty sick. yet funny nickname for a young NBA player.

Who knows if this nickname will actually stick or if his player will end up being a star, but at the end of the day if we all shared a quick laugh and we move on with our day I will take that as a win.


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