Joe Flacco
Von Miller claims Joe Flacco still ‘looks like a Super Bowl MVP’ – Are the Broncos just gassing up Flacco or is he poised for a big 2019 season? (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Joe Flacco is going to start the season as the Broncos quarterback in 2019. No team has been pumping up their quarterback more than the Broncos are with Flacco. Joe cool has received nothing but praise in Denver this offseason. John Elway is convinced Flacco is still in his prime. Now pass rushing Von Miller gave Flacco the biggest compliment of all.

During a recent practice, Flacco apparently made a really nice throw down the field that traveled a mile. Miller was blown away and believes he has a quarterback that he can win with:

“He looks like a Super Bowl MVP to me,” Miller said, via the Associated Press. “Today he had a play-action, rolled out to the right and threw the ball from the opposite 20 to the opposite 15. Now, I don’t know how far that is.”

“He threw the ball far,” Miller said. “He can throw 80 yards, easy.”

Arm strength has never been the question with Flacco. There’s no question that the former Super Bowl MVP just might have the best pure arm strength in the league (or at least used to). Everything else is the question mark. Even the play Miller is talking about, it apparently was an incompletion. Are we really getting gassed up over a play that didn’t even result in a catch?

I get it, it’s practice. In shorts, Flacco probably does look awesome. I feel strongly that he will be an upgrade over Case Keenum. The question is how long will the Broncos be able to really get Flacco to bring it. We know he can go into the tank and just give up. Those are the stretches the Broncos need to avoid. That or do enough defensively to just get Flacco in the playoffs. We all know how good Joe cool can be in the postseason. That 2012 championship run with the Ravens still marks the greatest stretch in playoff history by a quarterback.