Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift. Photo Credit: Valheria Rocha/TAS Rights Management

I was hoping to keep this one in my back pocket to use on a rainy day. The plan was to pick WCW’s based on a combination of my affection and newsworthy accomplishments. I wanted to save Taylor Swift for when I didn’t have a softball player or other newsworthy lady to use. Covid-19 had other plans.

First things first, I love Taylor Swift. She is the song bird of our generation. All of her songs slap. If you haven’t heard her most recent album, Lover, then you need to go listen immediately.

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Sock Appreciation Post ?

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T-Swizzle is a goddess. She’s got them blue ass eyes and the perfect face. Also, she’s 5’10”. She’s not super tall, but with my athletic talent, it’s just tall enough to send our kids to the league.

Taylor Swift
Look at them beautiful blue ass eyes. Photo Credit: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Taylor doesn’t just get the nod here because of her vocal prowess or because she’s a 12.7 outta 10. Recently it has come to light that Kim and Kanye suck.

Okay, so maybe we’ve known for a while that Kim and Kanye suck, but to lie on my girl T-Swizzle? Unacceptable.

Basically, the Suckdashians lied in 2016 about the phone call and getting permission to call God’s gift to music a bitch. Now, we have the proof as the full call was released on social.

And my girl handled it like a fucking champ.

Taylor’s response was the perfect amount of clap back and maturity. Plus, she took the time to help those affected by Rona. Flawless victory, suck it Kanye.

Suck it. Degeneration X.

T-Swizzle is perfect. That, in combination with her vindication from the scandalous lies, are the reasons she has been named this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday.


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