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Taylor Swift’s new album Lover released Aug. 23 2019

Look I know some of you have issues with Taylor Swift. And that’s fine. Think what you want, BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!

Yes, Taylor has her issues. She is not perfect. What ever her issues are, all she does is make bangers. Seriously check her diskography.

Blank Space, banger. We Are Never Getting Back Together, banger. Welcome to New York, Banger. 22, banger. Shake it Off is dangerous. Seriously I listened to that song in the shower once and almost died. I couldn’t stop myself from dancing and I slipped and almost broke my neck.

The girl is a non-stop hit parade. She should marry Bryce Harper because all those two do is hit home runs (I know Bryce is married but they could move to Utah).

It’s shit like this that pisses me off though.

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I saw this on facebook the other day. Like you just know this was made by some hipster douche that only listens to U2 “because they don’t make music like they used to”.

Like we get it, you’re cool. Go die in a fire.

To deny that Taylor’s album fucking slaps? How dare you. I bet this album goes platinum or I’ll shave off my eyebrows.

I’ve been listening to T-Swizzle’s new album at work all last week. That’s 40 hours of straight Taylor Swift.

With the exception of one song (The Archer), every song is fucking amazing. I knew coming into my first listen the singles were fire. Me! featuring Brandon Urie from PATD! (who are one of my favorite bands) is awesome but its not even the best song on the ablum.

Paper Rings and The Man are the best songs. They might be just as dangerous as Shake it Off. I do not recommend listening in the shower.

Taylor Swift is the songbird of our generation. Hands down you can’t deny it. Every time she releases an album the temperature raises 10 degrees because of all the fire. Say what you want about her as a person, you can’t deny she makes one hell of an album.

You can check out the album here.