Vendetta Survivor: Episode 5

Unfortunately, we are back. Episode 5 of Vendetta Survivor is live. We are on a bit of a rain delay because this survivor day was supposed to be held Sunday night. I out-posted the group 8-5. Don’t even get me started on how bad it is that we had 5 blogs go out from the rest of the team out of 40 writers.

This Survivor has a lot of twists and turns. Karl Heiser and Garrett Burroughs have the new extra survivor privileges because they were able to outpost the group. They get a vote and are able to add someone to the list of their choosing. Karl gets two votes because he did post on Sunday.

The panel of voters today also includes Scott Logush, Aarav Raina, Alex Cervantes, and Jackson Law. Who’s getting the ax today? Watch and find out.

You can watch episode 4 here.