Vendetta Survivor: Episode 4

Unfortunately, we are back. You know the rules by now. If Trey outposts the group, someone is getting fired. As of right now, that number is 42 active WordPress accounts. The score came out 9-8 so that means someone is gone! Episode 4 of Vendetta Survivor is here and back by popular demand.

To give you guys some insight into the company Slack, Eric Reynolds has the chance to cancel Survivor. He was bullied by fellow employees to not publish the post so that we could have Survivor. Think about that. Not only are people okay with Survivor. They are now rooting for it to happen.

What does that say about the winners in this company? They’re not only for the idea, they want it to happen more frequently. If you’re keeping score, we still have a total of zero people within the company that have complained about the idea. I’m still on record for saying I’d get rid of it if someone was against it and brought valid reasons why it should go.

There is also a new wrinkle to Survivor. I had mentioned that if someone other than myself out-posted the group, they would be allowed to essentially add virtually any name to the list. Obviously not all but basically that person would be allowed to add an acceptable name to the list.

I truly didn’t think anyone was capable of out-posting the group other than myself. Insert Karl Heiser who took this challenge seriously. Karl wrote TWENTY blogs on Wednesday. TWENTY. That’s what real winners do. Therefore, Karl got to add a name of his choosing and was able to decide the order when he was going to vote.

Get ready for a FIRE episode. Max Murphy, Alex Cervantes, Emma Brown, Scott Logush, Jackson Law, and Karl are the ones who took place in the vote today for doing posts/streaming.

You can find the previous episode here!