Vendetta Survivor: Episode 2

Unfortunately, we are back. Episode 2 of Vendetta Survivor is live which means Trey outposted the group again. Trey outposted the group 9-8 on Saturday which means it’s time to vote someone else off the island. It’s a god damn shame I have to do this but once again, there is zero reason to one man team of Trey should outpost FOURTY active WordPress accounts.

Once again here are the rules.

  • Anybody that did a post gets a vote and is safe from the vote.
  • I will only vote if there is a tiebreaker.
  • Anybody who was in contact with me about why they were busy was safe from the vote.
  • Behind the scenes people are not allowed to be voted off.

If you missed the first episode, you can see that here!

The voters tonight include Alex Chick, Alex Cervantes, Sam Linton, Garrett Burroughs, Karl Heiser, Max Murphy, Adam Krieger, and Jeremy Rinaldi who all did posts to deserve a vote today.