SimBull Six
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Vendetta Sports Media’s SimBull Six Week 3 Picks

Our partners at SimBull introduced a new contest called the “SimBull Six” and Karl Heiser and Adam Krieger will give you our picks each week. Here are our Week 3 Picks.

SimBull picks six games – three college football, and three NFL. Contestants must pick sides on the games against the spread. Last week we put up a disappointing 2-4 record, making Karl and I 6-6 through the first two weeks of the season. Karl is doing the college picks, and I got the NFL games this week. Let’s get into the picks.

#12 Notre Dame (+6.5) vs. Wisconson (-6.5) – Karl’s Pick

Pick: Notre Dame (+6.5)
Notre Dame has the defense to contain a Wisconsin offense that hasn’t been ultra-impressive to start the year. The Badgers will run the ball a lot, but the front seven for ND is should be able to limit them enough in that area. I wouldn’t say Notre Dame has been anything to write home about in their first three games, but I think they’re good enough to keep the game close and maybe even pull off the win on the road. Wisconsin’s offense essentially vanished against Penn State, so I have some questions on their legitimacy as well.

#7 Texas A&M (-5.5) vs. Arksansas (+5.5) – Karl’s Pick

Pick: Texas A&M (-5.5)
This should be a really interesting game to watch as two undefeated SEC squads match up. Ultimately, I like Texas A&M for their defense – one of the best in the country. Quarterback Zach Calzada has started to figure things out after replacing Haynes King, turning in a strong showing last week against New Mexico. A&M’s secondary has been stifling so far this year, and they have just enough power on offense where I like them to cover. 

West Virginia (+16.5) vs. #4 Oklahoma (-16.5) – Karl’s Pick

Pick: West Virginia (+16.5)
Ugh, it’s just too many points for me to like Oklahoma here. Especially when considering how close they played both Tulane and Nebraska. The Sooners certainly have the firepower to absolutely blow West Virginia out of the water, but we haven’t seen them do that to a Power Five opponent yet. This pick will ultimately come down to whether Spencer Rattler can exceed his season-high of one passing touchdown in a game.

Buccaneers (-1) vs Rams (+1) – Adam’s Pick

Pick: Buccaneers -1
To be honest I hate this game from a gambling perspective. This is going to be a great football game but taking a side on it seems impossible. This game seems so even on paper, but I’ll take Tom Brady over Matt Stafford so I will lay the point here.

Packers (+3.5) vs 49ers (-3.5) – Adam’s Pick

Pick: Packers +3.5
I don’t understand this line, I know the Packers got blown out in week 1 but is Aaron Rodgers deserving of being an underdog? I was wrong on the Packers the first week we did these picks, but this time Rodgers gets it done on the road.

Eagles (+4) vs Cowboys (-4) – Adam’s Pick

Pick: Eagles +4
Monday Night Football in Jerry’s World seems like the perfect stage for the Cowboys to get upset by the Eagles. I am not sold on either of these teams, so when that happens I just take the underdog with the points and hope for an upset.

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