Paramore’s Hayley Williams. Photo: Natasha Moustache/Getty Images

That’s what you get ‘Swifties’

Well “it was never my intention to brag” but “God, does it feel so good” to have the Vendetta Media readers on my side. Given, there are still some of you who just don’t get it but for the majority who are upstanding members of society, I say a sincere Thank You for doing the right thing.

Now at this point some of you may be asking “what the hell is going on?” so let’s rewind to Thursday night. I’m at home with the kid minding my own business and getting dinner ready when my phone goes off. It’s Trey. He’s talking about opening up the brand to music and other sorts of entertainment. I’m all in!

Growing up music was my second love right behind football (soccer). My dad had a room in the house dedicated to just music. His vinyl collection was second to none and every Sunday we would spend a couple of hours listening to different artists. It ranged from Irish folk music (Luke Kelly is a legend) to Metallica and everything in between.

This was where I first heard Jimi Hendrix slay his guitar on Voodoo Chile and Purple Haze. Where Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer became my anthem. Where Europe’s The Final Countdown became the closing anthem of our days. There were also some Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Sweet mixed in there too. I learned quickly you don’t judge music by the genre, you base it on how it makes you feel.

Because of this my music of choice can range from Radiohead to Slipknot to N*Sync to Colter Wall (if you haven’t heard of him what are you waiting for!). It just all depends on the day and the mood. I’m not a music snob in the least. I’ll listen to pretty much anything… except Taylor Swift. And that’s where it began.

I told Trey I was all in as long as I could call Taylor Swift out for the fraud that she is (I might have used some different language not suitable for work, home, or place of any kind). Trey’s a good guy. He’s got his head screwed on right (or so I thought). He’d understand where I was coming from. Apparently not. The man who thinks Lamar Jackson isn’t an elite quarterback also thinks Ms. Swift makes ‘nothing but bangers’. His words, not mine.

Then Chad chimes in. Yes the same Chad who picked Carole Baskin as a WCW thinks Swift is misconceived as someone who writes songs about heartbreak. Apparently ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ ‘Teardrops On My Guitar’ and ‘Miss Americana And The Heartbreak Prince’ are love songs. Come on Chad! One literally has heartbreak in the title!

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So it was thrown up we should have a vote. Paramore’s Hayley Williams (yes please!) or Taylor Swift. I’m glad to announce 61% of you have taste. The other 39% I can only assume are teenage girls. Or Trey. Either way, congratulations Vendetta Sports Media readers for doing the right thing and telling Ms. Swift to shake it off out of sight as Hayley was simply “Born For This”.