Pizza Topping
The members of Vendetta Sports Media have weighed in. What is your pizza topping of choice? Enjoy the roundtable.

Vendetta Roundtable: Pizza Topping Of Choice

Let’s just say I have a unique diet. For the most part, I’m strictly a carnivore. I’ll dabble with certain fruits and vegetables but a vast majority of my intake is protein. The lone exception is pizza. Those cravings for a good slice just come. I figured I would ask the group what their go-to pizza topping of choice was.

I mostly wanted to ask this question because I’m not too exotic when it comes to this. Most of the time, I’ll take the plain extra cheese pizza all day. If I’m getting a topping, 90 percent of the time it’s sausage. Other toppings I’m cool with include Pepperoni, Jalapeño, Mushrooms, Bacon, Basil (if it’s done right) (egg is lowkey good too) (I’ve never tried pickles on it…). The rest can fuck off.

Here’s what the group had to say:

Individual responses

Max Everett:

“As someone who calls on pizza when he is sad, happy, angry or just plain can’t be arsed to cook. THE choice is Ham & Pineapple, often times known as the Hawaiian. However, Domino’s in the UK puts mushrooms on their Hawaiian and you best get anything fungal away from my hangover snack so I will blanket my fave topping as Ham & Pineapple. Now, favourite doesn’t mean solitary, I am also a massive fan of Sausage & Pepperoni, Anchovies, Bacon & Jalapeños and Chicken & Fresh Tomato. But it has to be the controversial and dividing topping and more precisely Papa John’s version. The combination of sweet and savoury is top notch and if that makes me a psychopath, then so be it. I do further make the case that the internet has made hating on the topping popular, since most explanations as to why to omit pineapple from pizza toppings stems from its status as a fruit. Sorry to disappoint these people, but one of the main ingredients for a traditional pizza, tomato, is also a fruit.”

Max Murphy:

“Buffalo chicken with some red onions”

Courtney Plumer:

“Favorite pizza toppings are spinach, green bell peppers and banana peppers :slightly_smiling_face:

Cayne Lander:

“For pizza I’m a bacon pineapple guy. #freepineapple #pineapplebelongsonpizza”

Text Exchanges

Gavin Daly:

“Chicken and Canadian bacon”

Max Everett:

“Ham & Pineapple is the only correct choice”

Cristian Ishoo:

“I’m going w sausage or fried eggplant”

Jackson Law:

“Chicken, bacon, pepperoni and banana peppers”

Milo Coulter:

“bruh buffalo chicken all day”


“I changed my mind. Mac and cheese and bbq chicken. Together. No debate.”

Scarlett Rivera:

“Mine is what Jackson says with extra: Chicken, bacon, pepperoni, sausage and banana peppers or jalapeno”


“I can’t say I have ever heard of nor had Mac & Cheese on a pizza…but now I have…i must try”

Alex Chick:

“Meat lovers with Jalapeño”

Garrett Burroughs:

“Folks who put pineapple on pizza are psychopaths that’s why we only have one response so far with it :joy: sausage and jalapeño is the king”


“Retweet pineapple on pizza is for psychos:joy:


“Cristian not capping on the Mac and cheese and bbq”

Hunter Sternback:

“I will defend pineapples on pizza until the day I die.”


“People who don’t like pineapple pizza only dislike it because buzzfeed told them not to”


“How many caps can I send in one message I wonder”


“What made you say you know let me put some fruit on my pizza. How about some pineapple. It’s illegal in Italy.”


“I’ve legit tried it and I don’t see why people think it’s good. Counter: people only like it because they want to feel like they’re different”


“Regret to inform you but Italians also put fruit on their pizza…. Tomatoes are a fruit.”

*intermission* Proceeds to skip the long group conversation about whether tomatoes are a fruit or a vegetable.

Adam Krieger:

“Oh easy”

  1. plain pie is undefeated
  2. Chicken cutlet, mac and cheese and BBQ sauce (will change your life)
  3. Buff chicken/ BBQ chicken

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